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Will Weatherford says no to RPOF chair candidacy


House Speaker Will Weatherford says he doesn't want to become the Republican Party of Florida Chairman for now.

"Humbled by all the encouragement to run for RPOF chair but I have a higher calling right now...being a more present husband and father," Weatherford said on Twitter.

Does that mean he's definitely not running for the post?

"The answer to that is yes," he said. "I'm worn out. We’re going to have our fourth baby in September and I have to man the fort."

That makes the selection of Clay County GOP Chair Leslie Dougher more likely. She's a favorite of Gov. Rick Scott's inner circle. But some Republicans preferred Weatherford. With him gone, the reasons not to choose Dougher are few and far between for the GOP.



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Tom Reynolds

You should have taken the job Willie . When the people of the state of Florida figure out how many millions to billions you really did cause this state , you won't get elected dog catcher .

Bobby Johnson

There's always Jim Greer. He's scheduled to be released in July.


There is always that job with the payroll processing company...

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