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Yes even beer can lead to (Mostly) False claims

Though state Sen. Kelli Stargel has watered down her bill regulating craft breweries to allow 64-ounce growlers, she’s made it very clear she still thinks the content is strong.

Stargel, R-Lakeland, on April 28 wrote an editorial in the Tallahassee Democratdefending her position on SB 1714, which would allow sales of 64-ounce growlers but require microbreweries to sell through distributors if its sales are high enough. She introduced an amendment to allow breweries to sell up to 20 percent of their product in house.

Her editorial pointed out the apparent dangers of allowing brewers to sell their product.

"In states where beer is unregulated, the per capita production is significantly higher," she wrote. "Higher beer production and higher consumption go hand-in-hand. As a social conservative, this is why I believe we need to keep regulations on alcoholic beverages in place and not have unregulated beer widely available in the marketplace. Social issues greatly impact economic issues, and we must seek a balance on both."

We looked at the regulation claim in a separate item, but we also were curious whether higher beer production led to higher consumption. Time for PolitiFact Florida to buy another round.

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-- Joshua Gillin