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TV anchor calls out Rick Scott for refusing interview unless campaign OKs topics, interviewer

via @AdamSmithTimes

News 13's Ybeth Bruzual in Orlando called out the campaign of Gov. Rick Scott for refusing to sit down for an interview unless the topic was limited to Hispanic outreach and the campaign could approve the reporter asking the questions. News 13 is the sister station of Bay News 9 in Tampa Bay, which also has a Sunday political affairs show called Political Connection in partnership with the Tampa Bay Times and also has had little or no luck getting Gov. Scott to come by for an interview in more than a year. Charlie Crist is Sunday's guest on Political Connections on Bay News 9 on Tampa Bay.

Update, The Huffington Post also wrote about this, noting:

It isn't the first time Scott has frustrated reporters by declining to directly answer questions. When WFTV's Lori Brown was rebuffed while asking about the state's broken unemployment website several months ago, she told viewers in Orlando, "For the fourth time, he did not answer our questions."

"You may not have noticed, but Gov. Rick Scott doesn't much like answering questions," observed the Orlando Weekly after the kerfuffle. "What color is the sky? Jobs!"

Scott's campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.


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Highly paid Republican operative

She will learn the hard way to never criticize the Boss.

ed jenkins

The citizens are pleased that this scott will not be wasting any time with these sensationalist television people since this is not a duty of the governor and he has much work to do at reducing laws, regulations and taxes that burden the citizens so much. They agree that the governor should not be wasting his time with this lady who has here own personal agenda which may differ from the goals of the governor if she is not willing adhere to the governor's goals which are part of his exemplary fiscal stewardship.


She will learn that you never criticize if you want any hope at a future interview.

Governor has proven he doesn't need reporters. He has opened up to them, yet they still attack, so why bow to their pressures?

As for the issue he wanted to focus us at this point, that is his campaign strategy. Don't like it, too bad.

Just the Facts, Mam

How is she 'calling him out'? Why would she get in trouble for this? She's just stating the facts, which is her job. Good for her!!! If he won't answer questions during his campaign, imagine who he thinks he'd answer to during his term! No one!!! I certainly don't want a governor who feels he's too far above the people of Florida to answer our questions.

Of course, unless we're a specialized group that he's pandering to for votes. (Cough... cough... Hispanics)

Highly paid Republican operative

She will learn when you mess with bull you get the horn.

Orlando Citizen

Just another example of Rick Scott and the Republican Party dodging questions as usual because they know that the facts are against them in every way possible. Highly paid republican operative seems a little butt hurt about his candidate's true identity being exposed.

Billy Johnson

This Scott and his "exemplary fiscal stewardship" just signed the largest spending budget in Florida's history that's filled with GOP pork projects that he should have vetoed. Under his "exemplary fiscal stewardship", Florida is borrowing more money to fund the record spending budget instead of paying down more debt. As for tax cutes, he threw a few crumbs to the taxpayers.

This Scott is a flip-flopping b/s artist.


Rick Scott gets confused when every day folks ask him questions off the cuff. He just walks away. His campaign team has learned from experience that Rick needs to have questions carefully prepared ahead of time. This way he does not make a jack ass out of himself.

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