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Citizen's inspector general opens investigation into ethics issues

Bruce MeeksCitizens Inspector General Bruce Meeks said Wednesday he has launched an investigation into the way the state-run insurer handles employees who leave the agency to go to work for companies that receive contracts.

Citizens CEO Barry Gilway and board chairman Chris Gardner asked Meeks on Monday to conduct an independent investigation in the wake of a report by the Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times on the recent exodus of executives who have left the state-run insurance company to work for vendors. Meeks reports to the governor and Cabinet.

"Chairman Chris Garner and CEO Barry Gilway have requested that I conduct a review of issues related to Citizens’ post-employment policies and requirements,,'' Meeks told the Herald/Times.  "I have informed them of my agreement to undertake this charge, and am in the process of project preparation and planning."

State law prohibits employees who are responsible for a contract from leaving a state agency to work for a company that holds that contract. Citizens applies the law only to senior executives and members of the board of directors, and says there is no ethical breach when an employee with oversight of a company contract takes a job at that company but handles other matters.

The Herald/Times found that in recent years at least three senior executives at Citizens  who were in charge of multimillion-dollar contracts awarded to private companies went to work months later for those companies.

Dan Krassner, director of the non-profit government watchdog institute Integrity Florida, also on Monday called for Meeks to investigate the ethics practices at Citizens, but he also urged the inspector general to investigate whether the contracts cited in the Herald/Times story “provided the best deals for the public.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/06/02/4154141/inspector-general-is-asked-to.html#storylink=cpy



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ed jenkins

The only inspection that the citizens want is an inspection of how to close down this most horrible concept of an insurance company that leaves the people of florida on the hook for massive storms that they do not even realize they are on the hook for. This is a business that can be done by private companies and we have seen as with all government entities waste and corruption can occur when the government is involved.

Citizens is Corrupt

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Dig Deeper.
Many Floridians who live near the coasts whose tax dollars subsidize much of Florida's economy are being improperly assessed.

Quit your complaining...

What will be found is that there are hundreds of contracts entered into by Citizens, and that there are employees - some who are high level - some who even are responsible for administering said contracts, end up leaving and working for the companies who win those contracts.

What will also be found is that these contracts were competitively bid, and that the person who left Citizens, while they may have had a role in the hiring, did not have the sole role and in no way could have tipped the outcome in such a way that would have swayed the contract.

What will also be found out, if the investigation goes this far, is that these contractors find that having someone who understands the workings of Citizens is infinitely beneficial, and they look for someone to manage those contracts.

At the end of the day, the former Citizens employee ends up with a private company making good money, Citizens ends up with better services, and the contract, because of procurement processes, was done in a way that resulted in the best product for the best price possible to Citizens.

Just because someone gets a job isn't reason to complain... just because it wasn't you that got a better job isn't reason to complain...-

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