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Crist releases 10 years of income tax returns, urges Scott to do the same

Responding to criticism from Gov. Rick Scott's campaign, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on Thursday released 10 years of federal income tax returns. (You can view them here.)

During that time, Crist drew a six-figure salary as a state employee and had virtually no debt, the records show. By the end of the decade, his net worth was approaching $500,000.

"Charlie is giving Florida families an unprecedented look into his life because they deserve to know their governor is looking out for them," his campaign manager Omar Khan said in a statement.

Crist did not, however, release his wife Carole's returns, as some Republicans have called on him to do.

Scott and his wife Ann released their joint tax returns for 2010, 2011 and 2012 last week.

When Crist failed to do the same, Scott's political committee aired a TV spot that asked: "What's he hiding?" 

"I'm certainly disappointed that Charlie Crist doesn't believe in transparency," Scott said in a statement. "Ann and I released both of our tax returns and we asked him and his wife to follow our lead. He is refusing. Alex Sink released her tax returns and her husband's when she ran for governor. Jeb Bush and his wife released theirs. The question we are all asking now is, what is Charlie hiding? I don’t think the people of Florida will let him get away with it."

On Wednesday, Crist released his tax returns for 2011, 2012 and 2013. 

He released returns dating back to 2001 the following day.

The campaign plans to release another 10 years of the candidate's tax returns soon, Khan said.

"[Crist] is calling on Rick Scott to release his returns going back 20 years as well," Khan said. "Given that Rick Scott hides his assets and has dodged personal accountability his entire career, we suspect he will hide his taxes, just as he has hidden all of the depositions from his days as a corporate raider."

Crist has been adamant that he will not release his wife's returns. The two file separately.


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Yawn, simply a distraction from the fact that he hasn't been given permission from Carole to release her tax returns.

ed jenkins

The citizens want an end to this horrible practice of asking others to release private financial information as it is irrelevant to the citizens and is only used by those jealous of others.

Silly Politicos

No doubt Scott's camp saw this deflection coming and will release his joint returns, and then Crist is back in the corner flailing. Stupid move by the Crist campaign.

Charlie leaves the campaign trail, beginning of June, to go to Texas to help his wife at a trade show for her company, Goddessey. Appears to me Charlie obviously has more than a "husbandly" interest in her company to take time away from his self-proclaimed, very important and heartfelt campaign to rescue down-trodden and doomed Floridians suffering under Rick Scott. And yet no time to debate Nan Rich nor make that trip to Cuba.

IDK, but could this be the beginning of the end of Crist, ala 2010 Rubio race?


Shows that he has become rich off the taxpayers - not many government employees making six figures...

Voice of reason


A $500,000 net worth after a decade of public service is hardly becoming rich off the taxpayers.

Lets see if Scott provides 20 years of his returns or takes the 5th?


20 years of returns, why?

To distract from the fact that Charlie hasn't received permission to release Carole's tax returns?

But just think, if he get elected, you can defend the fact that he could be making decisions that financially benefit his wife, and no one would know.

Voice of reason

Why not?

Lets get the full picture of both for two decades versus a snapshot.

Don't think Scott will want to go there.


Hmmmm... , don't forget we already know that Scott makes decisions that benefit his wife - have we forgotten Solantic and Scott's pressing his unconstitutional drug testing laws which would benefit her/his bottom line?

I'm less concerned about Mrs. Crist's business interests (which I bet anybody can fairly easily google) and more concerned that the Scott Blind Trust is actually not blind. I'd bet good money the trustee of the accounts has let the Scott's know exactly what's in it, and Scott pursues lines of legislation (in part) to benefit those interests.


Yawn folks... TODAY'S finances matter! Whether or not Scott has stock option in HCA (we all know he did) doesn't deflect the fact that Crist isn't willing to be transparent about his current personal finances.

The ball is in Charlie's court... we know more about the Scott's finances than we do about the Crist's finances...

Ten, twenty years ago... what are you hiding, um I mean holding, today that could impact your job.

Do what every other candidate and spouse has done in recent history...


Marvin - "have we forgotten Solantic and Scott's pressing his unconstitutional drug testing laws which would benefit her/his bottom line?" Taking the policy disagreement you have with Scott on this issue out of the discussion, how would this benefit her/his bottom line - do the research, the topic was addressed.

and "more concerned that the Scott Blind Trust is actually not blind" talk to the legislature, and the current lawsuit - and the fact the Scott has already said he will comply with whatever they say...

Still appreciate all the attempts to deflect that Charlie is being less than transparent.

Voice of reason

Scott net worth $ 300,000,000 million

Crist net worth $1,200,000 million

That's about all we need to know.


Voice of reason - your willingness to present inaccurate information is all the people on this blog need to know...

Do what all other candidates for Governor have done, release the tax records of the candidate and spouse!

Everything else is simply a deflection from the fact that Charlie is not doing what previous candidates have done.


Hmmm..., I can't take the policy disagreement I have with Scott out of the discussion because it is one of the paramount reasons I did not and would not ever vote for him. The fact that the Solantic clinics stood to benefit from the drug testing laws (whether in fact they actually did or not) is beside that point.

4rth amendment, illegal search and seizure, Scott was advocating the state require searches without cause. Clear violation of the constitution and he has had AG Bondi file appeal suits which cost us Floridians money to try to defend.

You can try to scare me and others that Crist is trying to 'hide something' by not releasing the wifey's tax returns, but 1) if the Scott campaign knew of anything even slightly suspect in that regard, surely they would be using it already; and 2) don't discount the possibility that Mrs. Crist will voluntarily release her tax returns at some later time before the election.

Voice of reason

What is inaccurate?

If the public chooses to support the multi millionaire 300 times over that is their perogative. But they have a choice in this race.

ed jenkins

The citizens have not wanted this private information since they do not believe it is any of their business to know their neighbors personal private details. As we have seen there are some readers jealous of the financial success of others and those are the only ones interested in this information that the citizens do not require.


Voice, I applaud you for your redirection efforts!

Voice of reason

Thank you brother!

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