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Crist won't go to Cuba -- for now, at least

Charlie Crist will not visit Cuba this summer as planned, his campaign said in a statement Monday.

"Despite his stark disagreements with the government in Cuba, the governor continues to believe the embargo hasn't worked for the Cuban people and is bad for Florida's economy," said Brendan Gilfillan, Crist campaign spokesperson. "If at some point after the election there is an opportunity to travel there to learn from the people of Cuba and help find opportunities for Florida businesses the governor will go."

In May, the former Florida governor and current Democratic candidate for governor, announced plans to visit Cuba in July to learn more as he calls for normalizing relations with the island 90 miles south of Key West.

But Crist spokesman Kevin Cate said the Cuba trip had never been finalized and Crist was only "exploring the opportunity."

"He has decided it would be best after the election," Cate said Monday. "He needs to focus on defeating Rick Scott."


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Highly paid Republican consultant

Wise decision by Crist.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disgusted that this scumbag crist who has shown this support for communist dictators, greatly angering the voters of florida has continued to receive party leader preferred status. This is an example of why they will support the nancy lady as their candidate and not fall for this Trojan horse that has been sent by republicans to destroy the party.

Voice of reason

ed wrong again.

This nancy lady is also in favor of ending the embargo.

They hold very similar positions on all major issues amigo.


Charlie you wezel flip-floper liberal scumback

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