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Donald Trump sings the praises of incoming House Speaker Crisafulli


Trump_crisafulliAn interesting tweet came across our timeline today: Donald Trump with nothing but nice things to say about soon-to-be House Speaker Steve Crisafulli.

Trump -- the controversial business man, reality show host and Tea Party darling-of-late -- has a massive Twitter presence: 2.6 million followers. His tweet about Crisafulli was retweeted 50 times and favorited 56 times in the first three hours.

By comparison, Merritt Island Republican Crisafulli's account has just under 8,000 followers and his tweets are generally favorited or republished about a dozen.

We asked Crisafulli's spokesman Brian Hughes for more information about where and why the meeting with "The Donald" took place. Hughes would only say that Crisafulli is make rounds in Florida and beyond as he reaches out to Republican donors ahead of the 2014 election.


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Can't take anymore

Before this article I didn't know Crisafulli was a crook. Now I have absolutely no doubt.

ed jenkins

The citizens are fortunate to have this new speaker who appears to already be continuing the state's business friendly environment based on this great review from a successful businessman.

The Truth

The truth is that this is all about the money. Donald has lots of it and Crisafulli wants it. Donald will want a return on his investment and Crisafulli will happily deliver it. Follow the money. and that's the truth.

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