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Herald poll: Cuba-travel announcement, Cuban voters weigh Charlie Crist down in Miami-Dade


Charlie Crist has a Cuba problem and a Cuban voter problem, a new Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald poll of Miami-Dade’s electorate shows.

Crist’s headline-grabbing announcement last month that he wants to travel to Cuba has hurt his standing more than it helped in Florida’s most-populous county, with only 5 percent of voters saying they’d be more likely to support him over the issue, while 24 percent say the opposite, according to the survey conducted by Bendixen & Amandi International.

A supermajority, 67 percent, say Crist’s Cuba position makes no difference in their vote between him and Gov. Rick Scott — and that’s despite the poll numbers showing voters by 51-40 percent say they favor Cuba travel for all residents of the United States.

Voters are now also evenly split on whether to continue the five decade-old embargo, an increasingly common position growing in a county that was once a bulwark of hardline sentiment.

Crist is the first major candidate for governor who has called for ending the Cuba travel ban and lifting the embargo, saying it hasn’t worked.

Overall, Crist leads Scott 47-35 percent. But that’s tepid support for Crist in the Democratic bastion.

“Charlie Crist is not where he needs to be if he wants a strong base vote coming out of Miami-Dade County and South Florida by extension,” said Fernand Amandi, who conducted the 400-voter poll for The Herald and El Nuevo Herald last week.

Crist’s 12 percentage-point advantage over Scott is about half the size of President Obama’s in 2012 and it’s about 2 points shy of Democrat Alex Sink’s margin in 2010 when she lost to Scott. Southeast Florida is crucial for Democrats, who need a big turnout to counteract Republican votes in Southwest and North Florida.

Weighing on Crist and boosting Scott: Miami-Dade Hispanic voters. Fifty percent back Scott; 31 percent support Crist. Cuban American voters, who accounted for more than half of Hispanics polled and dominate the county’s political power structure, back Scott over Crist 58-30 percent. Hispanics overall account for 55 percent of the county’s 1.3 million registered voters.

A Bendixen & Amandi exit poll in 2012 indicated Obama pulled 44 percent of Miami-Dade’s Cuban vote. Like Obama, Crist pulls outsized support form non-Hispanic whites and African-Americans.

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ed jenkins

The readers have continuously stated that they do not consider opinion surveys news and do not want valuable space or article writers time taken up with this nonsense. They want this article writer who continues to publish this as news terminated since he cannot find real news to report on.

Democrat primary voters have already decided that they do not want this scumbag crist as their nominee and they realize unlike their foolish party leaders that this horrible man has been sent as a Trojan horse by the republican party knowing that he is such a disaster. Democrat primary voters including this one want his party leader preferred status removed and a real democrat found to replace him which right now appears to be the nancy lady.


Have the Democrats already decided that Crist is their nominee? Wow. I guess they couldn't even put up a token Democrat to oppose this slime ball...?

Highly paid Republican operative

We are all tokens in the greater scheme of things.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters were horrified long ago that this scumbag crist was allowed to keep party leader preferred status as the much predicted campaign meltdown began and want this man removed even more after announcing his support for communist dictators which is highly offensive to americans and even more to those that previously lived in cuba but had to leave the most horrible conditions that communism produces.

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