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Lawmakers -- but not Rick Scott -- celebrate immigrant tuition bill


Latvala NunezBroward College hosted a celebration today to thank legislators for passing a law that allows undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition. Bill sponsors Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, and Rep. Jeanette Nunez, R-Miami, joined Democratic members of the Broward legislative delegation to accept a resolution from the college's Board of Trustees thanking them all for supporting the issue.

Student "dreamers" were on hand to talk about the effects of this law and a separate bill that allows military veterans to pay in-state tuition, too. "They wanted to show their appreciation," Latvala said.

He described the event as having a pep-rally-like atmosphere, a stark contrast to the quiet manner in which Gov. Rick Scott signed the immigrant tuition bill, HB 851, over the weekend. Behind the scenes, Republican lawmakers who backed the legislation stewed that the governor blocked their opportunity to celebrate the historic legislation by choosing not to hold a public bill signing.

The governor held a campaign event nearby today in Boca Raton, where he talked up his higher education and tuition policies. But he chose not to attend the Broward College celebration, Latvala said. "I tried to get the governor to go, but they had something else that they wanted to do."Latvala Nunez group

The governor's office did not immediately respond to our inquiry about why he didn't attend the immigrant tuition celebration. We'll update this post if there is reason to.

(The first picture is from Latvala's Facebook page. The second picture was tweeted by Sen. Maria Sachs.)


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Didn't the in-state tuition legislation deserve a bill signing ceremony?


William C.

He didn't come because he just signed the "flip-flop" of the decade. Traitor!


I support the bill, but not the man who is hiding from the public after signing it.

ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that their money has been confiscated to reward the activities of illegal aliens. They want this bill to be used for the purpose of finding those illegal aliens and returning them to where they belong.


He wasn't there because he knows its a loser issue with conservatives and moderates who are tired of our country being invaded from Mexico and Central America.


Scott ran his campaign on LIES.... Vote him OUT !

Peter Gozinya

I hope everyone remembers who forged this ahead and who voted to approve it so they can vote them out of office in November.

Rolle Diaz

Trust me when I say Scott is out Rubio is out..

Rolle Diaz

Please explain how education is a losing issue? Only the ignorant talk that way. This is not the middle east or some backwoods hick town this is Florida and if you don't like the changes then move out of the state because we don't need your small minded ideas...

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