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Lawsuit shows how open government was a joke during redistricting


Sometimes it takes a simple redistricting lawsuit to show us the funny side of the state Capitol.

Redistricting, the once-a-decade process of redrawing congressional and legislative boundaries, isn’t something that’s the stuff of big laughs.

But the lawsuit accusing legislative leaders of improperly drawing some congressional districts — chiefly for Republican gain — has dug up enough evidence to show that politicians’ talk about government in the sunshine is a big joke.

“It was an extremely open and transparent process,” Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford, after giving testimony in the redistricting lawsuit, deadpanned to reporters.

Too bad he wasn’t intentionally self-mocking.

Legislative leaders are essentially incapable of being “extremely open.” They make a show of sunlight. But time and again they cut deals in shadow that result in fait-accompli votes on major items like, say, the $77.1 billion budget.

Since knowledge is power, and since power shared is power lost, secrecy is strength in the Capitol.

The lawsuit shows that Weatherford and his counterpart, current Senate President Don Gaetz, met out of the public eye to work out differences in the redistricting maps. But Gaetz said in court that it wasn’t really a closed meeting.

“The door was open,” said Gaetz.

Oh, yes. So many open doors. Ha. Ha.

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ed jenkins

The readers have repeatedly called for the removal of this most horrible article writer who reprints press releases and repeats articles. The readers have no interest in these lawsuits about cartography which they have stated on numerous occasions.

The citizens are disgusted at these many wasteful lawsuits allowed into our courts funded with taxpayer resources about matters that the citizens have no interest in. They suggest these individuals and the group which represents one sex of voters take these issues up with their local congressman and not waste any more court time arguing about mundane government procedures.

Marxist Fred

Keep up the good work comrade Jenkins! A free press is one of the primary barriers to our ultimate goal of a socialist utopia in the United States. Your pioneering work toward encouraging voluntary self-suppression by the media is impressive and inspiring.


Redistricting is not a mundane government procedure, especially if the voters of the state have demanded it be done so that it favors no incumbent.

Who are you trying to protect, Ed Jenkins?

Bill Thompson

The citizens are disgusted at this rope-a-dope and the horrible RPOF making a mockery of the re-districting process that should be done in a fair and open manner in accordance with the state constitution and rule of law.

Can't take anymore

I hope no one expects our sassy little Attorney General to take up the public's cause in this mess. Pammie is far too busy shopping and filing law suits aimed pleasing the Koch Brothers and ALEC. We can now clearly see that the Republicans can and will do anything they damn well please in Florida and the public be damned.

Bill Thompson

The citizens are outraged at the disdain shown for the constitution and the rule of law by these sleazy, crooked politicians in the RPOF making decisions in secret meetings behind closed doors, thinking that they are above the law and the will of the citizens. The late great Governor Reubin Askew would be disgusted at their revolting behavior.

Bill Thompson

The citizens have had enough of this horrible man and his sleazy back-room, closed-door secret meetings with his crooked cronies. The scumbag Scott and his pals completely disregard the rule of law and our constitution and just do whatever they please, trampling over the constitutional rights of everyday citizens of our family friendly state.

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