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Meet Charlie Crist's campaign team


Democrat Charlie Crist is ready to announce his new campaign team, a mix of new and old names (it doesn't include everyone in advisory or consulting positions).

“We are building a grassroots, people-focused team that represents Florida’s diversity. That’s how we will defeat Rick Scott and put Florida’s middle class back in charge," campaign manager Omar Khan said in a written statement.

Here's the email:

Katie Bohnett, Director of Scheduling

Katie Bohnett attended Florida State University and majored in political science. She began working on political campaigns on Charlie Crist's 2006 successful run for Governor. After serving in the administration as Governor Crist's Director of Scheduling - as well on his 2010 run for the U.S. Senate - Katie has worked as the Finance Director for Linda McMahon's Senate campaign. Most recently she worked at the Department of Children and Families' policy and research team, focusing on the Economic Self-Sufficiency (ACCESS) Program.

Jessica Clark, Deputy Campaign Manager/Finance Director

Jessica has more than eight years of experience in Democratic political fundraising in Florida and got her start on U.S. Senator Bill Nelson's re-election campaign in 2006.  She worked for President Obama (on both of his campaigns and at the Democratic National Committee) from 2007-2012 and served as Florida Finance Director for his re-election campaign. In 2013, Jessica merged her passion for politics and the environment as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the NRDC Action Fund before returning to her native Florida in late 2013 to join Governor's Crist's campaign.

Cesar Fernandez, Political Director

Cesar Fernandez is a native Floridian, born in Miami. Fernandez managed the winning campaigns of State Senator Jeff Clemens and St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman. He also worked as a legislative aide in the Florida Senate and in the political operation of the Florida Justice Association. Fernandez is a graduate of the University of Florida. 

Brendan Gilfillan, Communications Director

Brendan has nearly a decade of experience in political communications. He served for four years in the Obama Administration, first at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and then as Communications Director for the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force. Prior to that Brendan was a Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic National Committee and held communications positions in multiple states for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Greg Goddard, Florida Finance Director

Greg has been involved in Florida political fundraising since 2006.  Preceding his role as Florida Finance Director for Charlie Crist for Governor, Greg spent five years working on and off for U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, most recently as North Florida Finance Director for his 2012 re-election campaign. Greg was also a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party and Mayor Alvin Brown.  He is a native of Boca Raton, FL.

Victoria Kirby, Deputy Field Director

Victoria Diane Kirby is the Deputy Field Director for North and Central Florida. Before joining the Crist campaign, Victoria served as the State Coordinator for Organizing for Action (OFA) Florida and as a Regional Field Director for President Obama’s Florida re-election efforts in the Tampa Bay area. She served as the first openly LGBT elected member of the Board of Trustees of Howard University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Communication & Culture and a Master’s in Public Administration.

Amanda Litman, Digital Director

Amanda came to Florida from Chicago, where she worked as the deputy email director at Organizing for Action, helping support grassroots organizing around President Obama's second term agenda. Prior to that she worked as an email writer for Obama for America. Amanda is a graduate of Northwestern University. 

Jake Mathai, Director of Special Projects

Jake has years of experience working in research, polling, direct mail, and finance for local, state, national, and international campaigns. Jake also worked on the 2012 Obama campaign in Chicago.  Mathai attended Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach and Florida International University.

Rick Minor, Policy Director

A native Floridian, Rick has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Florida and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  Prior to joining the Crist for Governor campaign, Rick served as Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Tallahassee, managing both the Mayor’s office and the City’s involvement in various projects. In addition to his experience developing public policy for state and local governments Rick spent a decade in the private sector as a business and information technology consultant.

Jared Mueller, Director of Budget and Operationshttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

Jared previously served as a policy adviser to Administrator Karen Mills at the U.S. Small Business Administration, after heading up sourcing on the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee and managing the field budget on President Obama's re-election campaign. Before joining the Obama campaign in 2011, Jared was an associate at The Boston Consulting Group. 

Cedric McMinn, Outreach Director
Cedric McMinn served as the Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party and was the Deputy Political and African-American Outreach Director for the Obama/Biden Campaign in 2008.  Cedric has worked for the state legislative offices of State Representative Cynthia A. Stafford and Miami-Dade School Board Member Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall.  He also served as the Past President of the Miami-Dade Young Democrats and is the current President of Young Professionals Network (YPN) Miami.
Jacob Smith, Deputy Field Director
Jacob Smith is a South Florida native proud to be organizing in his home turf. As a volunteer for Barack Obama's first campaign in 2008, he learned first hand the kind of difference one person can make in a community. In 2012, he joined the President's campaign in Southwest Florida, leading a team of organizers to build the largest grassroots operation Sarasota County had ever seen. He was the field director for Rick Kriseman's mayoral campaign and historic victory in St. Petersburg. 


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Highly paid Republican operative

We are paying our team much more!

Joe Kreps

If Charlie hires anymore people the unemployment rate will go down making Rick Scott look good. Will Charlie still be receiving money from John Morgan if he becomes Governor.

ed jenkins

The readers have no interest in these most horrible people who would associate with a scumbag like crist.

John Browning

All very talented and good people. And dollars don't vote, people do!! The arrogant R's are going to get their ass kicked, just like Obama beat Romney!!!

John Browning

All very talented and good people. And dollars don't vote, people do!! The arrogant R's are going to get their ass kicked, just like Obama beat Romney!!!

Ralph A. DeMeo

Impressive team. Make it so, Charlie!


Question to dems supporting Crist. What does he stand for?
What makes you think he won't change parties, again?


I cant figure out if Rick Minor's job is the best job in the world or the worst job in the world. Working for a guy who couldn't care less about policy, how its written, and whether it has a chance of being implemented....caring nothing about actual achievement, but caring everything about how it is perceived by the public and the press.

So many useless lawsuits and executive orders from Charlie that never got off the ground because they were glorified press releases.

Charlie is government by press release.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Go Charlie!

ed jenkins

To the helpful questioner repubtallygirl,
Democrat primary voters including this one have already decided they will not vote for this scumbag crist and are still hopeful that a new candidate will be given party leader preferred status but if none are found they will vote for the nancy lady as the true democrat who can be trusted. They know that this most horrible crist is a Trojan horse sent by republicans and the already predicted campaign meltdown has already begun to occur which angers democrat primary voters even more that their party leaders could not see this coming.


It takes a team to govern- make decisions. Florida had the best governor team in 1998-06.
Both Governors may be good but they will eventually be remembered based on actions of their team.
Important to select the best team!

Carolyn Thompson

Go Team Go and show them 's who is in control.
we have your back.

Theodosia Scott

I donated $10.00 to Mr. Crist campaign a one time only, that is all I can afford at this time. It was asked of me at the end before the submit tab if I would like this donation to be a reacurring donation, I uncheck the box to indicate a "NO". Now I am being debited this month for another $10.00. Please stop this debiting from my account. My email address is tddy_scott@yahoo.com. I would like a response from Jessica Clark, Manager/Finance of the Charlie Crist campaign. Thank you.

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