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Miami commission takes symbolic vote for David Beckam's MLS dream after rejecting stadium site


We want Major League Soccer in Miami, and we want David Beckham to own the franchise, Miami city commissioners said Thursday.

In a symbolic show of support for Beckham's group, the commission took a unanimous voice vote in favor of the resolution, which came two days after the city dismissed the investors' proposal to build a 20,000-seat stadium on Museum Park and the Florida East Coast Railway boat slip.

Commissioners didn't exactly disagree with that decision, taken by Mayor Tomás Regalado and City Manager Daniel Alfonso. Three out of five commissioners -- Frank Carollo, Marc Sarnoff and Francis Suarez -- said they had concerns about turning over the waterfront property for a stadium.

But Carollo and Suarez also chided the administration for not bringing the issue to a public discussion on the dais.

"In business negotiations, there's a way to do things and a way not to do things," Carollo said. The way the city handled the short-lived talks, he added "really could turn someone off."

Alfonso noted that he telephoned commissioners when Beckham's group floated an inital rent number of $500,000 a year. That number went up to $2 million Tuesday, but by then, Alfonso and Regalado had made up their minds in opposition.

Sarnoff, the district commissioner who was more involved, agreed. 

"They could have offered us the $15 million (in rent) and I still wasn't going to be supportive of a soccer stadium at that venue," he said.

He said he hoped Miami Beckham United would take a close look at city-owned property next to the Miami Marlins' ballpark in Little Havana. Carollo, who represents that area, was more cautious about targeting that site, even as he sponsored the pro-MLS resolution.

 "That does not mean that we're going to give away the land," he said.


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ed jenkins

The citizens are pleased that these political leaders did not get snookered by these out of town swindlers trying to steal public lands for cheap while disguising it as a soccer venture. It appears that these out of state swindlers realized that no money could be made on a primitive game of soccer which americans were bored with more than a century ago so they invented more advanced games like football rather than have to watch the dull game of soccer.


It is becoming pretty clear this was never about soccer but the venue. If he walks away now we know it was never about soccer but gambling, retail, private development of our waterfront... whatever, but not about a couple dozen soccer games with a view. In which case we've had it with less than honest team owners, good riddance.

Half man,  half amazing

Stop being ridiculous people, just like the rest of you I was for the preservation of city park space on our waterfront and agreed that this was not the location for a soccer stadium. But why the bitter personal verbal attacks on Mr. Beckham? This was no land grab for cheap as some of you are painting it out to be. Mr. Beckham is all about soccer and growing the sport here in Miami. You have your park now, if some of you care enough and want to see Beckham successful in Miami with this team then get involved...if not go back to your daily lives.but to call these guys out of town swindlers is just ridiculous! With Ed Jenkins and the other poster "D" it's obvious why they speak with venomous words as it pertains to the sport of soccer! As a soccer supporter I'm happy to see you guy have your green waterfront park space.


Alright soccer loser you called my name so here I am. Why don't you and your few soccer loser fans shut up and get the hell out of here since we're tired of reading your crap about the most boring pathetic game in the world that all but you losers can't stand to watch in this country. No one wants to waste any money on a stadium that will be empty like all the other soccer stadiums we have had down here because people would rather watch paint dry than that godawful game.


David Beckham is a very nice spokesmodel. Let us be honest. The clowns pulling the strings re MLS soccer stadium in Miami are not nice people. It appears that Beckham's handlers are only interested in a free site. First, they get slammed at the County and then they get politely handed their hats at the City. Let's see if they are real? Will they buy a site?


Funny thing about human psychology, is that, we tend to attack and denigrate things/ideas that we perceive to be superior to ours/us. In other words, what makes us jealous and so intimidates us.
Soccer "haters" cannot stand the fact that soccer- not baseball/baskeball/American football- is the sport that is the biggest on the planet. They don't like to hear that the top three, most valuable clubs on the planet are soccer clubs. They don't like to be reminded that the World Cup dwarfs the SuperBowl/World Series/NBA Finals/Stanley Cup- COMBINED!

So lighten up, you soccer "haters"... it's just a sport. It's not a person... just a sport. It's not gonna bite you.
To be compelled to the point of having to ridicule and "hate" a sport, just shows you how twisted your mind is and how intimidated you must feel.

So soccer "haters" (yeah, you know who you are)... how much did I rile you up? Come on, give us back a reply.

NYC scammer

It is a business. It is a business. Acquiring a site and building a business is about money. Soccer is just a product to be sold. Only 25 soccer games are played a year on each field. Duh? Where are the revenues? Profits? The taxpayers do not want to give their money to more out of town slicksters.


Not sure how the stadium is a "tax" issue. The stadium is going to be paid by them, no public money will be used. Also they have said they'll paid fair market value, they will hire local. So where is the "waste of Tax" money?

I see how the stadium location is a major deal, since most major sports team's arenas/stadiums (not only soccer/Futbol) are located at downtown or close to it accessable by massive public transportation.

I don't think The Property next to the Marlin's stadium will work, beside how unconfortable to just get to that stadium is, there is no easy public transportation and the awful taste after spending all that tax money left to make it, will damage/hurt anything attach to it or even close to it.

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