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Miami congressman: David Beckham should put his MLS stadium in Homestead


With David Beckham and his investors taking some time to consider their options for a Major League Soccer stadium in Miami, everyone's chiming in with a proposed location.

The latest politician to weigh in: Congressman Joe Garcia.

The Miami Democrat sent a letter Tuesday suggesting Miami Beckham United look south to Homestead and Florida City, which are in his district.

Garcia cited support from local elected officials, lower land purchasing and development costs than in downtown Miami and ethnic diversity as selling points for a suburban stadium. 

"In addition to the residents of the City of Miami, these South Dade communities would help form a devoted fan base that would fuel attendance at games and contribute to a strong sense of solidarity with a with the team," Garcia wrote to Bill Talbert, president and chief executive of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Beckham's group, however, has made it clear that it wants to be near the county's urban core, preferably by public transportation. MLS has indicated that a potential site in Little Havana next to Marlins Park is too far from downtown to work, given the league's experience with expansion franchises elsewhere.

That message has done little to stop politicians from throwing around ideas, some wilder than others.

On Tuesday, Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman called the Miami Dolphins' Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, which seats more than 70,000, "perfect" for MLS -- even though MLS averages about 18,000 fans a match.


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 Con men?

Beckham's bosses are looking like flakes. They refuse to bid on possible sites owned by private owners. Were their attempts to take over County and City land without paying just "land grabs"? Are they just flakes or are they con men?

ed jenkins

As we have seen from other commenters, the citizens have caught on to this real estate scam disguised as a soccer enterprise that was attempted by out of state swindlers and are pleased that their political leaders did not fall for it. The citizens realized that a soccer enterprise could never be profitable in a country that has no interest in this primitive game and has invented more advanced games more than a century ago since they were bored with this dull game and therefore the profit must have been in the real estate scheme which was part of this enterprise. It also became obvious with the out of state swindler's constant insistence on the most valuable waterfront property which the citizens knew had nothing to do with this game played on land.

Bill Thompson

They could build the stadium next to The Donald's state of the art movie studio that he was going to build in Homestead.

Bill Thompson

Or they could locate it next to the major league spring training facility built for the Cleveland Indians who never came and now sits empty.

ed jenkins

Political leaders should not have any input into where this soccer venture builds its stadium since it is a private enterprise and it should built the stadium wherever it can make the greatest return on investment without using taxpayer confiscated funds or receiving public lands at below market rents or prices.

The citizens doubt now that this soccer venture proceed since it was in reality a real estate scam by some out of state swindlers disguised as a soccer enterprise but the citizens figured it out since they realized this enterprise could not make any money on the primitive game of soccer which americans invented new sports to replace because they were bored with the dull game of soccer.

Dumb Politicians

I think the best site for the stadium was the first site that Beckham had originally started with no other site will represent Miami like that a beautiful view of the Miami skyline stupid politicians saying it would interfere with the cruise line and basketball games there is a reason Beckham came to Miami he saw potential I mean who wouldnt it's the greatest city in the world but if a world-class soccer superstar can see what we've been wanting the for the past 20 years in just a few months that says something and the those dumb politicians are just throwing back in his face

Becks or Bust





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