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MLS doesn't like Marlins Park site for David Beckham's Miami stadium


Major League Soccer says it doesn’t want David Beckham’s Miami expansion team to play at the site some politicians have started to promote for a new stadium: next to Marlins Park in Little Havana.

“No — we’re not considering that location,” MLS President Mark Abbott told the Miami Herald. “Our strong belief is that, to be successful, it needs to be downtown.”

That resistance, especially as elected leaders begin to coalesce around the Marlins site, could make it difficult for Beckham and his investors — who have eyed public land for their mostly privately funded stadium — to find another place they might deem suitable.

But MLS didn’t always scorn the Marlins location.

So close were MLS and the city of Miami to making a deal at the former Orange Bowl site that, in early 2008, they drafted a confidential agreement — never signed — to send to city commissioners for approval.

Before the contract was to be written, MLS Commissioner Don Garber praised then-Mayor Manny Diaz, who had included an adjacent soccer stadium into the plans for the new Miami Marlins ballpark.

“You’ve done an amazing job on this project,” Garber wrote in an email dated Dec. 12, 2007.

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ed jenkins

The citizens have no care about the location of this man's soccer enterprise nor should they have any say in this matter since it is his private business and his decision alone. However the citizens have figured out that this out of state swindler was attempting to gain public lands for below market prices or rental rates and that this soccer enterprise was just a front for this real estate scam which angered the citizens since all legal businesses are free to engage in commerce in this state but they must pay for their own property, plant and equipment.

The citizens realized that a soccer enterprise could not make a legitimate profit in this country that does not like this primitive game and invented more advanced games like football more than a century ago since they were bored with the dull game of soccer. Therefore the citizens realized that this was a real estate scam by out of state swindlers.


Just because you view soccer as a dull game doesn't mean everyone does. It is still the number one sport globally.

Andrew, Canterbury, UK

Is there any evidence that this is a real estate scam? And I don't think 'the citizens' have had a say at all, have they?

Looks to me that Miami would be the perfect US soccer venue, with its high Hispanic audience for the game.

Could be great for Miami, great for US soccer, great for everyone ... unless there really is a genuine objection?

David Cummings

In reply to Ed Jenkins
As I am from G.B. I don't know U.S. State protocols, however I think you may have a valid point on the "local council-private land issue" do local citizens have any scrutiny/input on this matter?
To conclude, the your overt disparaging outlook on The World Name for the World Game of "FOOTBALL" IS ignorant, north American, and insular! your game comes from Rugby which split from FOOTBALL! so your "grid iron game" is a offshoot of a offshoot!... FACT

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