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Nan Rich qualifies to run for governor

Count former state Sen. Nan Rich in the race for Florida governor.

Rich, a Weston Democrat, filed her qualifying paperwork Tuesday. She was joined by a dozen supporters at the Department of State office in Tallahassee.

Rich will face former Gov. Charlie Crist in the Democratic primary on August 26. She is widely considered the underdog in the race, having raised only a fraction of the money Crist has raised for his campaign.

"Any election to me is a challenge once someone else's name is on the ballot, too," Rich told reporters Tuesday. "We feel we have the right message. People really are looking at going forward not backward."

Rich has branded herself as the only "true Democrat" in the election. Crist started his political career as a Republican. He became a Democrat in 2012.



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ed jenkins

This is very encouraging to democrat primary voters that this formality has been achieved and it is good to know the massive showing of their support for the one true democrat by showing up at administrative offices. It has already been decided that she will be the nominee that democrat primary voters will support despite party leader preferred status being given to the scumbag crist who has already begun the predicted campaign meltdown by offending nearly every voter in the state with his support for communist dictators, implication in a judicial nominating commission pay for play scandal, associating with known perverts among other horrible acts which has lead democrat primary voters to realize that he is a Trojan horse sent by republicans to destroy the democrats in the election.


We are pleased to have ed jenkins on our side, supporting our efforts. Ed, you are invited to sign up at our website and hopefully, financially support our campaign. We would also love to have you volunteer on our phone drives or staff our offices. Please check our website for upcoming events where you can meet the candidate and show your support of her.


Voice of reason

Nan are you really sure about taking in ed Jenkins. He seems like a stray?

Can't take anymore

Nan has shown she meets that standards to qualify as a primary candidate for governor: she can walk, chew gum and pay a filing fee. Even she must know that if she were nominated it would 100% assure the re-election of Rick Scott.

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