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New 'progressive' mailer links Scott and Crist

The latest mail piece from a mysterious group that calls itself Progressive Choice Florida is a two-fer that attacks both Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic opponent Charlie Crist as "one in the same."

The allegations in the mailer are that both men oppose health care reform and women's health care and support the expansion of school vouchers and have appointed conservative judges.

Progressive Choice is thought by some to be a conservative front organization trying to help Democrat Nan Rich gain ground in her primary fight against Crist.

The latest mailer doesn't mention Rich but says "Florida deserves a real progressive leader!" Progressive Choice is run by a Baltimore political consultant, Jamie Fontaine-Gansell, who has told TalkingPointsMemo that the group is a "real deal progressive organization." Its donors remain a mystery. The group is not required by Florida law to reveal donor information until a month before the election.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Progressive Choice is paying for a racially-tinged radio ad in central Florida that cites Crist's strong support for the NRA's political agenda and his support for stricter sentencing laws when he was a Republican governor and state senator.

“It’s time Charlie Crist answer to Floridians for his record, for a lost generation of African-Americans and for trampling on the ideal that the punishment fit the crime,” the spot says.


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Joe Kreps

Sometimes I think Crist supporters are as dumb as Crist. They think Scott is trying to beat himself. LMAO.



David T.

Thank God people are finally hearing the truth! I do NOT trust Scott nor Charlie!! I stand with Nan!!!


Charlie vs Scott is like having a Republican primary pretty much! Nan Rich is the only Democrat in this race!!! Glad to see these mailers are showing who Charlie really is.

Highly paid Republican consultant

Nan who?

Rick Adams

Meet the man who's making Rick Scott cringe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAMCR4IFYpg


If the electorate were informed by something more than 30 second TV ads (sponsored by the most self serving among us) then Nan Rich would be our next governor. It is unfortunate that our own mental laziness will condemn us to four more years of these con men.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are pleased that this group represents their views that this nancy lady is the only true democrat which is why they plan to vote for her as their nominee.

The readers once again thank the wise joe kreps for his rare but insightful comments.

Can't take anymore

With half the charisma and voter appeal of Alex Sink, Nan Rich is not likely to ever be elected to any statewide office. She is a dud candidate but seems to have either a huge ego or a serious mental illness that gives her delusions of grandeur.

Florida Mom

It is so good to hear that Ed is voting for Nan Rich for governor. Her strong support of women's rights, LGBT rights, proper funding of education and so many other issues makes her the right candidate. Ed you should go to NanRich2014.com, volunteer your time and contribute to her campaign!

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