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NRCC ready to spend $1.4m to go after Rep. Joe Garcia


U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia holds one of Florida's most-competitive swing seats, making the Democrat an inviting target for the National Republican Congressional Committee, which plans to spend $1.4 million against him on ads.

The NRCC's buy is part of an $18 million effort aimed at what it perceives are 17 vulnerable Democrats, according to Politico.

The NRCC's counterpart, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is also ready to chip in to keep D-26 blue and has reserved about $970,000 in ad time, according to Roll Call.

Garcia could use the help. He has been targeted by at least three conservative groups: America Rising PAC, LIBRE Initiative and Americans for Prosperity.

Who Garcia faces in the general election is anyone's guess.

Depending on whom you ask, Miami-Dade School Board Member Carlos Curbelo is either the frontrunner in a crowded GOP primary, or he'll be an also-ran. Former U.S. Rep. David Rivera, who lost by 10.6 percentage points to Garcia in a district Obama carried by 7 points, wants a rematch. But Rivera's scandals give the establishment the willies. Former County Commissioner Joe Martinez is strong in Kendall, a base of the seat. Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck isn't as well known as the other three and Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall is the only non-Hispanic white candidate in the primary.



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ed jenkins

The citizens have continuously asked for this most horrible Garcia to resign and leave this position for someone who will actually has the citizens interests in mind rather than someone who is trying to use his position as bargaining power with prosecutors for the charges already admitted to and which he is soon to be indicted for.

James in South Dade

Joe Martinez has the strong base of support in Kendall? I think you mean his support is much further than that. He's the only candidate counting on actual voters instead of lots and lots of money to buy the election.

Bill Thompson

The citizens are outraged at these out of state carpetbaggers coming here with their suitcases filled with cash to tamper with local races that they have no say in. The citizens are horrified at these secretive groups that hide behind the 501(c)4 status so that they can operate clandestinely and use their secretly raised bundles of cash to manipulate local political races instead of using the funds for furthering public policy as mandated by law.

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