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Once under fire, DCF intentionally kept child deaths off the books

At 2 a.m. on Dec. 13, 2013, a Riviera Beach mom woke up to find her newborn baby’s lips were purple. Blood and milk oozed from the girl’s nose. She had stopped breathing.

The baby, authorities say, likely was accidentally smothered to death by her mother, who placed the girl in bed with her and three other children — a practice known as “co-sleeping” that can be lethal to infants. Child welfare investigators had been involved with the family four times before the infant’s death.

An investigator prepared an incident report on the baby’s death later that day and emailed it to a supervisor.

The paper trail ended there.

Kimberly Welles, an administrator at the Department of Children & Families’ Southeast Region, deleted the incident report, email records show. And she instructed the supervisor who wrote it, Lindsey McCrudden, to deep-six it, as well.

“Please do not file this in the system. No incident reports right now on death cases,” Welles wrote in an email that day. “Please withdraw this and thanks. Will advise why later.”

Last November, the Miami Herald was finishing a tally of Florida child abuse and neglect deaths among families that had previously come to the attention of DCF. The count was undertaken as part of a project called Innocents Lost. To track the number of dead children, which soared to new heights in recent years, reporters relied on public records, including incident reports.

Documents obtained after Innocents Lost was published show that starting at least as early as last November, as the Herald was grilling DCF on its problems in preventing the deaths of children under its watch, one branch of the agency deliberately kept as many as 30 deaths off the books — ensuring they would not be included in the published tally. Story by Carol Marbin Miller here.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/06/01/4151260/how-dcf-kept-30-child-deaths-off.html#storylink=cpy


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ed jenkins

The readers are tired of these repeat subjects where article writers or others complain about some tragic situation. If the article writers or others actually cared about these situations they would have done something about it or spoken up sooner rather than waiting for bad things to happen so they have something to complain about.

This is another reason why charities that the citizens have set up are better because they actually care about the individuals involved rather than heartless government bureaucrats which just need to fill out status forms about these situations to cover their back and go home when their shift is over.

Tom Reynolds

It is you, ed jenkins from dcf. The child killer himself commenting on this. You should be in prison jenkins.


This is a major Rick Scott scandal.

Highly paid Republican operative

Afraid she is right. If this cover up happened on Crist's watch there would be hell to pay.

ed jenkins

The readers are tired of reading stories by complaining article writers about situations and other complainers who just want to sit back and complain when bad things happen. These people who seem to know about these various stories should either prevent them or refer these situations to charities that the citizens have set up for unfortunate situations. This is why the citizens do not want these government entities so all sorts of ancillary functions that the citizens do not want their government to do beyond what the intended purpose of their government of law enforcement and a court system, schools and transportation infrastructure.

Florida Mom


Since you are so knowledgeable in these areas, please let me know what the names of the many good charities you contribute to. I am looking for some good charities to contribute to and I know a wise man such as yourself who believes in being charitable, would be able to provide me with wise guidance into which charities you contribute to.

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Ed would contribute to charities of people with very low intelligence.

Fred Jenkins

That is charities supported by people with low intelligence....

That is why brother ed supports them.

Bill Thompson

This is just one more example of the incompetence and ineptitude of the horrible Scott administration. The scumbag Scott has no interest in this unless it can make money for him and his corporate campaign donors. This horrible man ignores these issues and just sweeps it under the rug.


I don't believe Mr. Jenkins has been granted permission to speak for THIS Florida citizen. Although I do get a chuckle from most of his ridiculous comments, I disagree with his point of view on everything.
This article is not about merely a "tragedy", Mr. J. It is about State workers deliberately lying by omission concerning the details of what may be called infanticide. An infant-along with at least 30 others-died. That is not a tragedy; the cover-up by named managerial staff is a crime. I have no doubt such was directly-or indirectly-sanctioned by Rick Scott. Can't have such stats out in public before an election, can we?
I, also, would appreciate Mr. Ed's sharing information as to these "citizen charities" that are set up in order to resolve these "tragic situations".


Who's Going to Jail?

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