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Only $69M in vetoes as Gov. Rick Scott signs budget


Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday signed into law the largest budget in state history, a $77 billion spending plan crafted to enhance his re-election prospects, as well as the Republican legislators who crafted it.

Scott didn’t use a scalpel for vetoes, it was a pair of tweezers: $69 million in vetoed spending is less than half his previous low.

Scott did not hold a public bill-signing ceremony— a clear sign that he did not want to draw any more attention than necessary to his decision to veto such little pork-barrel spending.

It was Scott’s most delicate use of the veto pen since he took office in 2011. He vetoed $142 million from the budget in 2012, and $368 million last year.

“He was in a precarious position,” said Rep. Ed Hooper, R-Clearwater, who championed a number of line-item projects throughout the state.

Hooper said Scott could not afford to alienate his fellow Republicans in the Legislature when he’s in a tough fight for re-election, but he may rile conservatives by his support of more government spending.

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Pork barrel politics at its finest.

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott will be signing a record spending budget this week for Florida that is full of GOP pork projects, instead of being a great steward of taxpayer confiscated funds and using it to pay down the state's debt instead of borrowing more in order to fund these pet GOP pork projects. This horrible man claims to be a fiscally prudent caretaker of the taxpayers funds, but it's not true; he is spending like a drunk sailor on GOP pork projects and granting favors to his favorite corporate campaign donors.

Can't take anymore

It is pretty apparent that the budget of the State of Florida for FY2014-15 was constructed primarily to enhance the chances of Republican politicians to retain their jobs or to move up the political ladder. Nothing like over $75 billion tax dollars from an improving national economy to subsidize their careers.

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott tread lightly this year because it's an election year and he's desperate to revive his failing campaign. If he's re-elected, he'll go back to his original version, pushing his ideological, zenophobic agenda while continuing to line the pockets of his big campaign donors with no-bid contracts.

mrs. jenkins

Thompson hit the nail on the head!
Remember when DICK Scott signed his first budget at TEA BAGGER VILLAGE in North Orlando?
Remember when DICK Scott told everyone he was an OUTSIDER and criticized the size of Crist's last budget?
Remember the first three years where Scott veotoed hundreds of millions in member projects?

Scott has been LOSING in EVERY POLL done so far. The Republican party is SCARED SHITLESS of Charlie Crist.

DICK Scott in now the ultimate INSIDER giving away BILLIONS of your tax dollars to his corporate cronies and CEO buddies.

The guy is a corrupt scumbag who should be wearing an ornage jump suit at Club Fed.

Vote this BUM OUT in November and Vote OUT ALL his Republican scumbag buddies!!!!!!!

Bill Thompson

The wise mrs. jenkins makes some insightful comments and is spot on regarding the scumbag Scott and his crooked sleazy GOP buddies. The citizens have had enough of this horrible man and his closed door, back room politics.

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