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Plaintiffs file closing arguments and proposed order in redistricting trial

The coalition of voters challenging Florida's congressional districts filed a 30-page closing argument Wednesday, peppering the brief with blacked out sections that attempt to shield references to the political consultant Pat Bainter and his company.

They also filed their version of what they would like to see Judge Terry Lewis order, when he rules on the case by the end of the month. 

The defendants, the Florida House and Senate, will file their answer on Friday. More to come. 

Download Plaintiffs closing brief

Download Plaintiffs proposed order


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ed jenkins

The citizens continue to be upset that a handful of cartographers and a group that claims to represent only one sex of voters would take up valuable court time and the resources funded by money confiscated from taxpayers for their arguments about mundane administrative government procedures that the citizens have no interest in. They urge the judge to throw out this nonsense and let these people discuss this with their local congressman if they need to.

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