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Politicians try to start drumbeat for joint MLS-Miami Hurricanes stadium by Marlins Park


Up until now, David Beckham has been courting politicians -- to no luck -- for a Major League Soccer stadium site. Now, some of the elected officials appear to be courting him.

A group of current and former Miami-Dade County and city of Miami leaders have thrown their support behind a petition asking to build the stadium -- with the University of Miami's college football team -- in Little Havana.

"Support Beckham soccer stadium at former Orange Bowl site, and bring UM football back home!" reads the petition's title. (Notably, the petition mentions the beloved Orange Bowl, not the less-popular Marlins Park.)

It was endorsed Thursday by a cadre of politicians who have had reservations about the two previous locations proposed by Miami Beckham United: the county-owned southwest corner of PortMiami and the city-owned Museum Park and deepwater boat slip

One of them, County Commissioner Xavier Suarez, said no one wants to see Beckham change his mind about opening his expansion franchise here -- and many people would like to see the Miami Hurricanes playing closer to their Coral Gables campus. Suarez first endorsed the Marlins location last week.

"I think we have to roll out the red carpet for these guys," he said of Beckham and his investors. "They were twice led in the wrong direction, and I think that's an ideal site."

Also promoting the petition, according to a news release, are Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez (the county commissioner's son), former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, and Coral Gables Commissioner Vince Lago. Francis Suarez and the rest of the city commission took a symbolic vote in Beckham's support earlier Thursday.

"This is a great solution that in theory should please many different constituencies," the four politicians said in their joint statement. "Beckham deserves the best our community has to offer, and we firmly believe this site would set his team up for success in our community long in to the future, while bringing the passion for Canes football back to where it belongs."

Talks between Beckham's group and UM broke down recently over the boat slip site, which was deemed too small to accommodate football. While MLS wants a 20,000-25,000-seat stadium, UM is interested in a larger capacity of 40,000.

Beckham's longtime business partner, American Idol creator Simon Fuller, has dismissed the mostly city-owned parcels next to the Miami Marlins' ballpark as "spiritually tainted" by the public financing deal for the baseball team.

But Xavier Suarez said he doesn't think that's the case -- and that if it is, the government's role should be to turn a perceived liability into an asset.

"The idea that it's tainted is all backwards," he said. "It's a fantastic site for a multi-stadium facility that allows us to compete for international events."


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ed jenkins

The citizens believe it makes sense for this "soccer enterprise" to have a facility that is utilized more by teaming up with the hurricanes. But the citizens have figured out by now that this "soccer enterprise" is lead by out of state swindlers who were only interested in taking advantage of the citizens with a below market real estate deal on lands that belong to the people.

Oscar Canosa

Yeah, maybe the Dolphins could play there.

Rick gorsque

Seems like a great opportunity to have a facility with multiple users and potential events, ensuring economic viability for both the surrounding community and the existing infrastructure (parking garages, commercial spaces, etc).

Let's iron out the details and finally construct a stadium that makes sense, insuring the confidence in our local government.


Do it!! I'll pay double for season tickets! I'm a long time season ticket holder and playing ball at the OB site again would bring tears of joy!

Commish Suarez should be voted out

Commissioner Suarez should know better. Two things don't work for that site. First, there is no public transportation and there would be a massive problem because MLS schedule competes at the same time with the MLB schedule. BIG FAIL. Second, the cubans like baseball not soccer. Why do these politicians insist on locations that make no sense. If I was Beckham and you want to choose the site which sucks and you want us to build it bigger than we want so that UM can play in it too, then the city should help pay for it. BIGGER FAIL. Our City and County Commissioners and our Mayors are not only corrupt they are really offensive.


The soccer side of this equation 100% does not do this. Zero doubt. Miami obviously is still reeling from your previous (corrupt) mayor's deal to build the Marlins stadium; Beckham's group is privately financed and creates waterfront greenspace. MLS doesn't look like it will happen in your beautiful city. Sad. As an outsider, I thought everything would naturally get worked out. MLS is a unique league on a very positive trajectory.


Shut up already you dumb soccer loser this city won't miss this crappy league with this boringassed sport any more that this city missed the last couple of soccer teams that folded because no one cares about your stupid game. You dumbasses talk about how popular it is but its only popular in other countries because they are too poor to be able to afford to play real sports you loser.

By the way you soccer losers stop acting like you are part-owners of this sport or get some benefits from these "great tv deals", the only thing you idiots do is fill the pockets of these owners when you throw money away on this crappy sport and by those ridiculous looking uniform shirts that no american would be caught dead wearing.

Respect Taxpayers

Miami-Dade County taxpayers are still sick from getting stuck paying $3 Billion for the demolition of the beloved Orange Bowl and for paying for the new Marlins Stadium and Garages. Disgraced ex-mayors Carlos Alvarez and Manny Diaz were responsible.


D is a real "scholar." Wow, I never realized every other country in the world is so poor that all they can do is play football. Why do morons like D feel so compelled to show the world what dumb f ____ks they are? Baffling.


There are TWO things that I don't agree with this:-
1) Beckham's stadium is and should be a SOCCER-SPECIFIC-STADIUM which means there should be no lines in between the pitch other than soccer lines and it will a 100% GRASS PITCH, not a plastic pitch.
2) UM wanted this stadium to be built for them but they DON'T WANT TO PAY A SINGLE DIME for it! Do you think Beckham & Co. are stupid enough to spend money for other sport without them contributing anything? They're only willing to spend for 25,000 seats because they know MLS will take quite sometime to be a mainstream league in Miami again, and having 20,000 or 25,000 fans in a 40,000 seats stadium will NOT look good on TV at all...and Beckham's team will be broadcasted AROUND THE WORLD, not just in America!


LOL at people who think the U will draw 40k. Even bigger laughs at the people who think Beckham pays for that. Say goodbye to your nice investment and new tax generator. Miami just list their team.


Seems to be all the more clear what the endgame was from the start by Miami politicians: Get Beckham to build a stadium for UM, and UM not have to pay anything.


Yeah, that's what Beckham needs to do. Have his investors spend a majority of their money on a stadium so they can be the "Second class" tenant.

I can see it now. The new Orange bowl: Home of the Hurricanes and *in super tiny print* Beckham United.

David Samson clones?

It appears Beckham's handlers refuse to pay for a site to operate their business. They only want free land. They are not sincerely looking to buy land from private sellers. More scammers from out-of-town? More Jeff Loria's and David Samson's? Ick.


Tropical park is the right location for a multipurpose stadium. Enough on site parking for mls, and the UM campus can be used for park and ride for Canes games. The Marlins get part of the parking revenue. Enough for me to say screw them!

ed jenkins

There are many who have opinions on proper sites for stadiums depending on whether the University of Miami will be playing football games there or not but these opinions do not matter as the only ones that matter are those putting up private money and they can purchase or lease land anywhere they want. What the citizens do not want and political leaders appear to have heard their desires is for a group of out of state swindlers to take public lands at massive discounts to market value in order to profit while disguising it as a soccer enterprise.


Hey "D", is it something like this that makes your blood boil:

Lighten up kid, it's only a sport.

Joe Simpson

UM has a long-term contract to play football at Sunlife stadium and Ross has said he won't release them from the contract. That means either UM is locked in for a long time or they have to pay Ross to buy their way out of Sunlife.

The real reason all these people are pushing the OB site is because they own property in the area and they want the stadium there so their property values will go up and they can sell it for a big profit.


Wasn't aware of that, Joe. Good call.

But all of this is appearing to be irrelevant now because, as the news are now start to surface, Beckham is about to partner with two Asian billionaires who are interested in purchasing the Chivas team in LA from MLS.


Its all Lorias fault.That little weasel scumed the people of Miami.And whoever goes to games so he can make money has a big dumbass acroos there forehead.The Hurricanes would pay rent which in turn would help Beckham.


The destruction of the Orange Bowl was the end of football in Miami. You don't destroy a cultural icon and not suffer the consequences.

They could have spent 400 million, made it a hell of stadium and preserved an important icon of Miami history.

Instead the money grubbing politicians and Loria stuffed their pockets.......

Miami is a city run by a third world city government.


One thing is for sure & is a crime that a -"5x National Championship FB team does not have it's own Stadium. I mean, Little FIU & even Bethune Cookman have their own stadiums. And with the history Miami started since 1980-There is no way you can convince me a Miami Hurricane Stadium could not have been done Miami has made some of the richest individuals in the world that IMO-I don't think the money would be the problem. I simply believe the NCAA does not want to see Miami take over CFB again and with their own stadium-"U" can better believe that's exactly what would happen. We would not be missing on the recruits we have and for sure , more back Yard KIDS ARE STAYING TO MAKE THE "U" WHAT IT ONCE WAS.It should have been built yesterday!!!!

Cane in Charlotte. Season Ticket Holder

Agree with Rick above ^
Stadium for the 'Canes should have been built YESTERDAY. The []_[] has earned it.

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