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Rick Scott makes $2m ad buy bashing Charlie Crist over tuition increases


The Republican Party of Florida today announced that Gov. Rick Scott's political committee will spend about $2 million to air his second ad bashing Democrat Charlie Crist over tuition increases signed by the former governor.

The latest commercial, his 11th, probably brings Scott's total spending to about $16 million since mid-March. About half of the ad buys are Crist-bashers like this one.

The tuition attacks are potent on three levels: They're pocketbook issues, they're part of a broader national discussion and they affect young people, who tend to vote Democrat. But young people also tend to skip midterms. So if Scott can peel some of these away from Crist, it's a double whammy for the Democrat.

The ad doesn't mention that Scott's running mate, Lieutenant Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, alos voted for the tuition increases, which Crist signed off on at the insistence of Republican legislative leaders. The increases weren't rolled back by Scott but were stopped under the election-year legislation he just signed.

Still, as PolitiFact notes with Scott's last spot, the attack is generally accurate: Crist approved tuition hikes.

"Charlie Crist consistently raised tuition as governor, even allowing it to increase up to 15 percent every single year. He even said it was the right thing to do," the state's Republican Party chair, Leslie Dougher, said in a written statement announcing the ad buy. "Governor Scott knows that making it harder for Floridians to get a college degree is never the right thing, which is why he reversed Crist’s 15% tuition increase and has cut the cost of a college prepaid plan by almost $20,000.” 

Here's the new Let's Get to Work spot

And here's the one announced last week regarding tuition:


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Highly paid Republican consultant

See what $100,000,000 in distorted half truth commercials can do. The Dems can not rebut the Boss.

Winter Park Resident

^There goes "Highly Paid Republican Operative" again. It must be sad to being so lonely that you have to post stupid crap on every blog. Once Rick Scott loses maybe you'll get a real job.

ed jenkins

The citizens are thankful for this informative advertisement from scott who looks out for the average Floridian who cannot afford those massive tuition increases that the scumbag crist put in place.

Highly paid Republican operative

If the Boss losses I will out of a job!

The Truth

The truth is that Scott was happy with the 15% increases passed by the GOP controlled legislature and signed into law by the GOP governor. Scott only flop-flopped on the issue because it's an election year, his polling numbers stink and he's desperate to get re-elected. Why didn't he change this in 2011? or 2012? or 2013? He doesn't give a hoot about average Floridians. This is just a cynical political gimmick in an election year. And that's the truth.

Bill McCollum

I was the victim of Scott's phony ad machine!

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