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Rick Scott signs 'Charlotte's Web' medical pot bill


As promised, Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill that legalizes the use of a non-euphoric strain of marijuana to treat certain medical conditions like childhood epilepsy. He signed Senate Bill 1030, which approves the medication, and SB 1700, which protects the identifies of the patients who use it, today.

"As a father and grandfather, you never want to see kids suffer," Scott said in a statement. "The approval of Charlotte’s Web will ensure that children in Florida who suffer from seizures and other debilitating illnesses will have the medication needed to improve their quality of life."

Despite this legislation that is now state law, there is still a larger medical marijuana debate that will be held later this year in Florida. Voters will be asked to weigh in on Amendment 2, a much broader medical pot referendum.

Scott has said in the past that he personally opposes legalizing medical marijuana but will leave the issue to voters.

The governor's office also announced today that he approved  HB 697, which bans six new synthetic drugs.


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Best thing Gov. Scott has ever done! Thank You!!

Let's continue the trend and Vote YES on #2!

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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that this scott is turning his back on enforcing the nations drug laws by allowing these dangerous illegal drugs into our state and urge our drug enforcement administration to do its job and prevent these drugs that are harmful to our youth and lead to worthless lives for adults into our family friendly state.

Bobby Williams

This guy is out of control and doing anything he can to get re-elected. First he gave preferential cheaper college tuition rates to illegal aliens. Now he is legalizing medical marijuana. I regret voting for him 4 years ago and I won't be fooled again in November.


I am a mot her with a child that has seizures and governor Scott did the right thing.If it was your child with seizures and the doctor tells you to go prepare for your Child to die because we tried everything out there and there is nothing more we can do . This is giving us hope and a chance to give them life. Just put your self in my shoes. I was against legalizing marijuana a year ago until I hard want this is doing for the children in Colorado and California.

Hempy the squirrel...

Watching all the kiddos light up should be fun!


Bobby, who are you going to vote for?

Bobby Williams

I probably won't vote. I don't care for either one.


OR.....if you're opposed to someone choosing this form of medicine you can choose not use it? Most people who still oppose this will at least realize that their opinion is pretty shallow and keep it to themselves.

ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that there are some who would have their young abuse these dangerous illegal drugs in order to escape the tough duties of parenting.


Ed Jenkins, from the looks of it, you speak for all of Florida? That's amazing!! Two posts wherein you begin with 'the citizens are horrified' - please try to keep your rash generalizations to yourself and keep an open mind as marijuanais an incredible healer for children and adults in need.


WAKE UP PEOPLE, do some research before you open your mouth and look like a fool.

1. CBD (the substance that was legalized) IS NON PSYCHOACTIVE. (i.e. it DOES NOT get you HIGH)

2. THC (PROP #2) legalization for medicinal use is NOT related to this bill, it is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT substance.

3. ALL this bill does, is create a dispensing infrastructure, a farming methodology, and a distribution model for CBD (where here is a surprise, CBD was never ILLEGAL, you can BUY IT on AMAZON.COM folks: http://www.amazon.com/Canchew-CBD-Gum-Cool-pieces/dp/B00DU35PRM

4. Why not take a moment and read the bill (there is a novel idea) and you will see the substance will be a suspension/oil, not a substance that will be smoked.

If you are going to have an opinion, educate yourself first in what you are having an opinion about.

I am a prop 203 (arizona) medical marijuana patient, I have both ulcerative colitis and crohns disease. Before medical marijuana I was on a "FDA Approved drug" which I will not name, but this is what the warnings on the pamphlet said for the drug:

Serious infections have happened in people taking %#$&*. These serious infections include tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria that have spread throughout the body. Some people have died from these infections.
#$%$#@ may increase the chance of getting lymphoma, including a rare kind, or other cancers. Serious infections have happened in people taking $%#@%. These serious infections include tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria that have spread throughout the body. Some people have died from these infections. %$@&@ may increase the chance of getting lymphoma, including a rare kind, or other cancers.

here is one for a popular anti seizure medication for children that CBD would replace:

Valproic acid (Depakene or Depakote)

Side effects: Children taking valproic acid may exhibit appetite increase and weight gain. Nausea and vomiting also have been reported. The most serious adverse effect of valproic acid, however, is liver failure.

At highest risk for liver damage are children:

With mental retardation
Younger than 2 years of age
Who are taking several medications in addition to valproic acid

So, all you nay-sayers would rather be giving children and adults medications that would afflict them worse than the actual sickness they are trying to cure?

Wake up folks, just because a Merck or a Pfizer sells it doesn't mean it isn't dangerous.

Try to think folks, this blind following of whatever the FDA says is ok is both ignorant and dangerous.

You tell the mother of a 2 year old who takes CBD and and can now function with a normality they have never known their entire young life:

"You cannot give your child something that saves their life everyday and carries no side effects"


Who said Jay...my daughter has epilepsy...this may not be for her but it will help my friends with epileptic children

diane parente

agree with Jay!

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott should be arrested by the FBI for allowing illegal drugs to be sold in the state of Florida that are against federal laws.

Bill Thompson

The citizens are outraged that this scumbag Scott is supporting the use of illegal drugs in violation of federal laws, giving in-state tuition breaks to illegal aliens and signing bills that add more regulation and more laws in the state.


Amen Jay! The sad thing is our country is full of ignorant people just like that guy that are brainwashed by the media and federal goverent. My daughter has the same disorder as Charlotte Figi and she needs better treatment options. I find it comical that everybody thinks we're trying to give our kids something bad and are bad parents. Let me tell you, the Depakote, Onfi, Keppra, Phenoparbital, stiripentol, etc., etc., etc., these kids take have well-documented side effects of epic proportions including death and organ failure. Knowing this, I ask myself everyday if it could possibly get any worse. I think we all know the answer. Maybe people need to see a seizure that lasts for hours that can't be stopped unless so much medication is given that she has to be intubated in order for her to breath. Some of these kids have to be put in a drug induced coma to stop their seizures. Wake up America; quit passing judgment before you know the truth of the matter. Now we're going to arrest the governor for selling illegal drugs. Hey, Einstein did you know cocaine, heroin, meth, and valium are used as medicine? All are abused and highly illegal outside of medical use. Look it up genius. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it Osceola.

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