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Scott and Crist trade tax barbs along A1A

Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic opponent Charlie Crist were within about 20 miles of each other Wednesday on Florida's Gold Coast, lobbing bombs at each other over transparency and tax returns.

As Scott headed into the Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach to address a Florida broadcasters' convention, he feigned alarm: "Charlie Crist cloearly doesn't believe in transparency. I'm shocked that he doesn't believe in transparency ... What's he hiding?"

Scott was amplifying the theme of his campaign's latest TV ad that criticizes Crist for refusing to release his or his wife's tax returns. (Past candidates Alex Sink and Bill McBride, who were married, released each others' returns, and Jeb Bush released his wife's returns).

Crist released his returns for the past three years Wednesday, but not his wife Carole's.

At a fundraiser at the W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale beach, The Miami Herald's Amy Sherman asked Crist why he won't release his wife's tax returns to end the controversy. "There is no controversy. She's not the candidate," Crist said.

He said he will release every annual tax return going back to 1991, and will challenge Scott to do the same.

At Crist's event were Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, County Commissioner Stacy Ritter, Pompano Beach Mayor Lamar Fisher, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Dean Trantalis and former Sen. Steve Geller.


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Silly Politicos

Why should Mrs Crist release her tax returns: She is a business woman (Goddessey, Franco-American Novelty), and as governor, Charlie could make decisions to benefit her business interests and the public would never know without having full disclosure from both of them. Releasing those returns are about accountability and transparency FOR Floridians, so they can be confident in their governor. IIRC it was Charlie who first raised the issue of transparency.

Secondly, to suggest Charlie benefits in no way from her earnings and business holdings is beyond foolish.

Third, though I have no direct knowledge, it is reasonable to suggest she had to release all of her financial details, and presumably had no problem releasing considering the "prize", when Charlie submitted his questionnaire to the McCain campaign.

Finally, she knew what she signed up for when she married him, and for Charlie to now feign indignation and outrage that his opponent is asking them to release all financial details… how insulting, indeed, for Floridians.


But Silly Politicos - SHE told Charlie it was no one's business... and that was that, the last word on the subject. Funny how the media hasn't picked up every point you made, since it is the same points they would make if it were a Republican making the same statement as Tuna.

ed jenkins

The citizens continue to not request any private financial information of their political leaders and request that this scott end these inquiries into private lives even the life of the scumbag crist as this is not relevant information.


Interesting that there is silence from the media about Crist essentially having a blind to everyone but him trust called the Carole Crist fund...


Rick Scott has been very smart about this one. I'm surprised at how skilled they are outmaneuvering the Crist people TO THIS POINT.

Can't take anymore

It would be very interesting to find out just what Ann Scott actually knows about the family investments that are registered in her name. We all know Tricky Rick hid lots of his money behind her skirts and in his so-called "blind trust" that earned over a 50% return on investment last year.

Tally Folly

Rick Scott, the shadiest politician ever in the State of Florida, talking about transparency is like a vampire saying he likes to sunbathe. Wait I might be on to something here.

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