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Scott won't say whether he'll debate GOP opponents

For months, Gov. Rick Scott's campaign and the Republican Party of Florida have flogged Charlie Crist for ducking Democratic rival Nan Rich. It's fair game, but Crist has said for months he won't debate Rich and give her the statewide exposure her low-budget campaign desperately needs.

The GOP launched a "Demand Charlie Crist do the right thing" online petition and a "Charlie's debate clock," counting the hours Crist avoided debating Rich.

Now, Scott has two opponents who have qualified for the Aug. 26 primary ballot. Unlike Rich, who was Senate Democratic leader, neither of Scott's rivals, Yinka Adeshina and Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, have held elective office.

Scott sidestepped the question of whether he would debate them. "I haven't even met them yet," he said.

Such a debate would be entertaining, at least. Adeshina sent a statement to The Buzz in which she said: "I was excited when Howard Dean became governor." 

Dean, a doctor, was Vermont governor before he ran for president and was Democratic national chairman. Adeshina's point was that she's a pharmacist and, like Dean, is in the health care field. But singing Dean's praises is probably not a sure-fire way to get votes in a Republican primary in Florida.



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ed jenkins

The citizens of florida do not need these television shows where various games are played to make candidates look bad and have nothing to do with what the candidate will do on the job so they do not want their governor to stoop to the level of participating in these shams.

Highly paid Republican operative

Why would the Boss debate these two?

Bill Thompson

The citizens are outraged that this scumbag Scott refuses to meet with everyday citizens, meet with reporters and face his opponents. This horrible man is deploying his "rose garden" strategy of hiding in the governor's mansion, in his private jet, behind tinted windows in his suv and staged photo op events and thinks he can play rope-a-dope until November and hope to run out the clock.

Highly paid Republican operative

Sounds like a pretty decent strategy especially with a $100,000,000 campaign budget.

Bill Thompson

Just one more example of the flip-flopping scumbag Scott, who wants Crist to debate his primary opponents, yet is evasive when it applies to him. This horrible man should focus on his own failing campaign and low polling numbers instead of hiding in the executive mansion, running a negative campaign with his millions of dollars from out of state carpetbaggers and hoping to run out the clock in November.

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