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An updated swingers club with a political angle...

A new Miami-Dade business run by a local elected official brands itself as “upscale” and “discreet,” features co-ed showers and advertises young women in seductive poses wearing very little. The strategy behind Flirts: updating what co-owner Geraldo Rodriguez calls a dated image of “swingers clubs.”

“It’s an open-minded, lifestyle nightclub,’’ said Rodriguez, who won elected seats on both Miami-Dade’s Republican Executive Committee and the county’s zoning board in Westchester. “We don’t want to say it's a swingers club. That's not what we are. That's back in the ’80s.”

Men wanting to join Flirts pay about $150 for a 60-day membership. For women, it’s about $20, Rodriguez said. It costs between $45 and $85 at the door, as well, though the 15 private rooms (equipped with a queen-sized bed, nightstand, wastebasket and hand sanitizer) are free.

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Can't take anymore

Everyone knows that the biggest whorehouse in the state of Florida is the Florida Capitol Building, plus the wings containing the House and Senate during every legislative session. This little place in Miami is nothing to the tall building on South Monroe Street in Tallahassee populated by state legislators, lobbyists and the rest of the political class. Sadly, it is the public that gets the screwing there.

Maria Gonzalez

The neighbors are outraged at these republican perverts opening this type of disgusting place that is a couple of blocks from a YMCA and a park where many children spend their time. There are many residential neighborhoods surrounding this location. The owners have obviously not learned anything from the history of the last 30 years about all the infectious diseases that will be spread by the deviant sexual activity sponsored by these sleazy people. This place should never be allowed to open.

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