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Taxi industry tells Miami-Dade to jail rogue UberX, Lyft drivers


How incensed are taxicab operators at rogue car services Lyft and UberX?

Running sting operations, fining drivers and taking their cars away — all of which the county has been doing — is just not harsh enough, one industry representative told Miami-Dade commissioners Wednesday.

He called those punishments “a joke” and demanded more: A little trip to the big house.

“Put the drivers in jail,” Rudy Gonzalez, the owner of U.S.A. Taxi, said.

And no time like right then and there: Industry lobbyist Susan Fried pushed for a “citizen’s arrest” of Lyft representatives at the meeting if they weren’t registered to lobby.

Another speaker called for a Lyft driver in the county commission chambers to be issued a ticket — on the spot.

The commissioners on the transportation and aviation committee did none of the above. Instead, they spent three hours listening to public testimony and debating what to do about UberX and Lyft. No conclusions emerged, with commissioners clearly perplexed about how to wrestle with the disruptive technology that allows passengers to request rides from private drivers via smartphone applications.

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Yeah, screw the fact that the public wants this. Screw the fact that we want a choice. Screw the fact that we actually like Uber, their drivers are friendly and their cars clean. Jail the drivers because you don't want competition an use Gestapo tactics. These people are pathetic pigs.

Great idea for a police force that already cant control crime in 1/3 of Miami. Lets get them arresting Uber drivers.

God didn't give taxi drivers a monopoly on customers!!!!


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