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'Team-building' party videos lead to suspension for Miami-Dade County department director


Employees booty-shaking and flashing wads of cash in Miami-Dade County government videos have gotten a department head suspended.

Since 2010, the county's community information and outreach department has produced an annual party video around the holidays intended as a team-building exercise to improve employees' morale.

In one clip, workers do the "Harlem Shake" inside commission chambers. In another, they dance "Gangnam Style" amid cubicles.

There's apparent drinking, dollar-bill waving and air humping - the latter to make fun of so-called Wednesday "Hump Days," according to what department director Henry Sori told WPLG-ABC 10.

County commissioners - and Sori's boss, Deputy Mayor Chip Iglesias - were not amused.

On Wednesday, Iglesias prohibited Sori from producing any more such videos - and handed Sori a five-day suspension without pay. 

"There was negative publicity brought upon the department and the county as a whole" by the videos, Iglesias wrote in the suspension memo, which was first reported by Local 10.

The disciplinary action will cost Sori, who makes a yearly salary of $160,000, about $3,000.


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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that money confiscated from them has been used for these parties. This nonsense is another reason why the citizens want the end of all government departments except those that perform tasks that the citizens designated for government which only include law enforcement and courts, transportation infrastructure and schools.


Comon! What's the big deal? They are over-worked, under-paid public employee just trying to blow off a little steam! It's not like they should be serving the public, granting permits or anything like that, right?

Typical entitlement attitude.


Public funds should not be used on such inappropriate and childish things.

Employees serving the public, like it or not, are expected to act above and beyond a certain level of ethics. Even under the guise of blowing of steam, team building, or whatever casual reasoning someone may come up with, it does not and has never come across well with the public. Someone making $160,000 a year, supposedly an expert at that price, would know this.

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