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With Eric Cantor's shocking defeat, immigration reform all but dies in US House this year


The No. 2 Republican in the U.S. House is a goner.

And amid the ashes of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s shocking defeat Tuesday night, comprehensive immigration reform smolders.

This is not to say that immigration reform would have passed this year if the Virginia Republican had not been the first House majority leader to lose since 1899. Immigration reform was already endangered in 2014.

But Cantor’s defeat to tea partyer David Brat was so intertwined with immigration — “amnesty” and “illegal aliens” — that the few fence-sitters in the GOP-led House are going to flock back to the politically right side of the divide.

Regardless of polls showing comprehensive immigration reform is popular nationwide and even in Cantor’s district, Brat’s win and Cantor’s loss is now a powerful symbol, a rallying cry.

That matters in politics.

“Is it absolutely devastating? I don’t know,” said U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, a Miami Republican who for years has tried to get his party to tackle the issue.

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Davej Francis

Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., has lost his GOP primary to conservative challenger
Dave Brat TEA PARTY LEADER) in Virginia's 7th Congressional District,
Eric Cantor turn on the U.S. taxpayer by
is times like this we dread what President Obama and what elected instigators
will do? When there is a catastrophe like the VA administration nightmare in Washington that is when we must
be intensely vigilant because that is when we become most taken advantage of,
carefully, methodically orchestrated behind closed doors. With the political
limelight and the nation's attention focused on Obamacare and the consequent
shambles of other issues we must be ever more careful, wary and vigilant. It is
times like these when bills and plans slip through quietly and get signed into
law as with Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act).
And such is the case with the amnesty bill. We must not and
will not allow Congress to grant amnesty to more than 20 million illegal
aliens. The cost is far too high for taxpayers. This administration under Obama
has refused to enforce the border and thousands are now pouring through at an
alarming rate. Patriots, our message must be heard all over Washington and the one way we
know it will? Send every member of the House and Senate a loud message; call
your Senators and House members and demand, not ask “Pretty Please” to not vote
on any Immigration Reform, no Amnesty or Path to Citizenship. Top Democrat
negotiator, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is insisting that Obama block all
deportations if amnesty fails.
Recently, the Obama administration
announced it would stop deporting illegal aliens who entered the United States as children. So suddenly without warning we are seeing the
appearance of crowds or children edged on by parents to gain admittance under
this incompetent government that ignores the U.S. Constitution. Should Congress not agree to pass amnesty, Gutierrez wants
that order for Amnesty extended to all 20 million illegal aliens. Rise up
against the most anti-American president in the history of our nation. He has
allowed 36,000 alcohol-abusing, drug using, sexual predators and other
criminals to flood our backyards-and millions more are coming if Obama gets his
way with amnesty. We just can't let that happen or we will be living in a fear
24/7, paying more taxes just to pay for illegal aliens who feed off hardworking
Americans. Obama says amnesty will make our communities safer—that is a plague,
bring overpopulation in cities and shortages of drinking water.
Obama and the Democrats are pushing hard for (UNCONDITIONAL PARDON) amnesty.
There is too much at risk for them politically. The repercussions of granting
amnesty are devastating, yet Obama has the audacity to tell Americans:
"It's good for our economy. It's good for our national security. It's good
for our people, and we should do it this year." Yes! The only entities
it’s good for is corporate and big business employers, Unions, faith groups and
a whole bandwidth of greedy special interests. In truth, it’s all a big fat LIE.
Any amnesty will be painful for the lower and middle class. Wages will be
bottomed out, and benefits that are usually added to most full time work are
likely to be eradicated. All it's good for is VOTES and that is all this has
ever been about. In 2012, Obama won 71 percent of the Latino vote. Unknown
numbers of individuals fraudulently voted with no penal repercussions; the
Acorn group registering anybody with a pulse or not? But then any nefarious
issue beginning with the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme to Mexico, not one person ended
up in handcuffs.
Vote-grabbing is the very reason some hard right Republicans have turned on us.
John McCain has said it about most blatantly: "We'll pass the bill once
primaries are over." McCain campaigned on closing the borders and once he was
reelected he flipped and became a champion of immigration reform. He wants it
both ways. He can't have it both ways. The National TEA PARTY is our ONLY
savior, because you cannot trust the two majors, except a small few. The career
politicians will give away anything and sign any bill that will keep paychecks
coming in. Obama has his sights set on destroying America. We have seen him
trample the Constitution and blatantly disregard the law time and again. Now he
is at it again with his push to grant amnesty to millions of illegals. He
already released more than 36,000 illegal aliens who were felons, awaiting
deportation. Everything is at stake here. THE TEA PARTY LEADERS have split from
the financial carrion, trying to breathe life back into the American dream. We
cannot do that with freeloaders from other countries. They will abolish the IRS
and restructure it, or offer a flat tax for everyone. Entering America without papers will
become a felony, not the slap on the hand. All agencies of the government will
be held accountable for criminal acts. Washington agencies will be reduced or

john smith

He lost because no one knows for what he stand for but that good for democrats in the real election who is gonna vote for brat not seeing immigration is an issue you have to deal with no recognizing that is Republicans problem


Why people are blaming immigration for his defeat? Eric is no longer popular...that's it! not the immigration issue...Virginia is only one state and Tea pArty is not counting in millions and millions...It shows only that Republicans are afraid of the Tea Party...and willing to follow what they want...not the the majority of Americans.....THis is BS!!!!


Sorry but you're so ignorant.


REPUBLICANS...Wait for the Democrats turn..then you will realize.this is not the national election yet..He might win in Virginia but NOT in the WHITE HOUSE!!!

The wheel is round you might be on the top today....lets hope Republicans will not be given another chance in the senate and cogress to dominate the seats...Americans they shut down the goverment and does not care about those who lost and ruined their credits for not able to pay bills on time while on shutdown...remember that they are willing to sacrifice our lives for their political ambitions!

Thomas Stratford

Still waiting for a rational excuse for "immigration reform" other than a fence, followed by a mine field, and machine gun nests to keep these invading wetbacks, and gravel bellies out of my country.

ed jenkins

The readers have consistently stated that they have no interest in these political leaders from distant places and want stories about this city and state only in their hometown paper.

Frank Mirabella

What is surprising is that this doesn't happen more often. Whenever elected officials think that they know more than their constituents, this is what does and should happen. He didn't lose because of the Tea Party, he lost because he lost touch with the people that he represents and he substituted his judgement for theirs. It would happen more often simply if more candidates challenged incumbents that are not responsive to those that elected them.@


He was a flip-flop, that is why he lost.


Amen Frank... good to see you are still kicking!



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