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100 days out, Rick Scott's campaign says data already show a win


Another gauntlet thrown --- the Rick Scott 100 Days Out campaign memo:

DATE: July 27, 2014
TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Melissa Sellers, Campaign Manager and Tim Saler, Deputy Campaign Manager
SUBJECT: 100 Days Out, Gov. Scott Campaign is Poised to Win

Today marks 100 days until Election Day on November 4. Though we have worked hard from the beginning, today kicks off the final stretch of our campaign to re-elect Governor Scott. As we enter the sprint to the finish line, the Scott campaign has outpaced, outworked, and outmatched Charlie Crist in every measurable way. Make no mistake – no one works harder than Rick Scott, and that is exactly why he is poised to win a second term in office and keep Florida growing.

Fundraising: Since January 1, 2013, the combined efforts of our campaign, Let’s Get to Work, and the Republican Party of Florida have raised an astonishing $84 million. In the 2nd quarter of 2014 alone, our joint efforts raised $14.7 million. The outpouring of support for the Governor’s re-election is encouraging, but we will continue to arm ourselves with the funding necessary to fight against the continued smear campaign of personal attacks from Charlie Crist. After all, the Governor is not just running against Charlie Crist – he is running against the Obama machine, the trial lawyers, and every other liberal special interest that wants to take control of our state.

Field Program: Our commitment to a robust field program is unmatched. We have opened 49 offices and have thousands of volunteers working across Florida every day – talking to their neighbors, organizing their communities, and getting Governor Rick Scott re-elected this November. In fact, our volunteers have already knocked on over 350,000 targeted doors, an accomplishment that was not reached until after Labor Day in the 2012 presidential campaign. With our early focus on face-to-face, door-to-door, targeted voter contact, we believe we are on the path to execute the most sophisticated and successful direct voter engagement campaign in Florida history. With new technology in place, we collect data from each voter interaction in real time and adjust our voter contact programs based on constant feedback. The Crist field program thus far is amusingly small.

Advertising: Let’s Get to Work and the Republican Party of Florida have joined together to invest more than $18 million in early advertising – including $1.4 million on Spanish-language ads. This early advertising has been well received by the public – as voters remember how badly Charlie Crist mismanaged Florida’s economy and budget. Crist’s strategy of attempting to coast into office based only on his charm is being dismantled as Floridians realize that he is devoid of any plan or vision for Florida’s future. Crist’s attempts to have no discussion of his record as governor have been thwarted.
Florida voters now have a net unfavorable opinion of Crist, something not seen in polling even when Crist was soundly defeated and received only 30% of the vote in his race for the U.S. Senate in 2010. In contrast, voters are well aware of Governor Scott’s record and accomplishments, and they like what they see. They know that the choice is clear: Rick Scott is the better Governor.

Download 100 days memo


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Cyncial Idealist

Marc - There's a disconnect between the subject line of the campaign's memo, "Scott campaign poised to win" and your headline, "campaign data already show a win." How do you explain this fact error? We'll get to all of your other fact errors later....

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters have already decided that they will nominate the nancy lady who they view as the only true democrat. Party leaders who have been most inappropriately swayed by the scumbag crist to give him preferred status and may pull dirty tricks to make him the nominee but primary voters will do their best to stop this.

The citizens of course have been won over by this hard working and great governing of this scott who has demonstrated exemplary fiscal stewardship, something the voters desperately want. This democrat primary voter would have a tough time choosing between the nancy lady and scott because of his great record on maintaining the business friendly environment and family friendly nature of this state but is willing to listen to both candidates.

Highly paid Republican operative

I have been telling you fools for months that the race is over. Finally the chickens have come home to roost.

The Boss does not lose especially with $100,000,000 to destroy any Democrat or anyone that gets in his way!!!

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

He does work hard to ruin the state.

Bill Thompson

The readers continue to be outraged at these lazy Herald reporters who simply post press releases from political campaign operatives and represent them as news articles.

Bill Thompson

Recently, a TV business news network released a study of America's top states to do business in. Florida ranked only 20th overall. Florida ranked 37th in cost of doing business in the state, 27th in infrastructure, 28th in quality of life, 35th in business friendliness, 38th in education and 31st in cost of living.

The scumbag Scott and other big talkers better get to work if they want Florida to do better than a mediocre 20th.

Bill Thompson

The voters want to know which Scott would be governor in a second term. The scumbag Scott of the first 3 years of his first term that pursued a zenophobic, ideologic, ultra right wing agenda that was mostly found to be illegal in the courts and cost the state millions of dollars in legal fees, or the pretend mainstream republican in his fourth year that flip-flopped on practically every issue in order to revive his flagging polling numbers and failing re-election campaign? The voters know that this most horrible man would revert to the real scumbag Scott that tried to push his out of the mainstream, ultra right wing agenda on our family friendly state during his first 3 years in office.


Like Cyncial Idealist above, I too feel the headline is somewhat misleading (although if things on here are like at the newspaper, an editor wrote that headline, not Marc).

But if that's how they want to characterize it, fine. I'm sure I'm not the only one who reacts this way, but every time I read a poll or anything suggesting some candidate I don't like might win just makes me all the more determined to not only get out and vote, but to volunteer to help others get out to vote.

Increased voter turnout means actual outcome more likely to exceed a poll's margin of error.

I think most of us know we cannot take anything for granted in this election, and know we must take all polls with that proverbial grain of salt, even if - perhaps especially if - they say "our guy (or gal)" is ahead.

Voice of reason

Marvin you much to rationale to be posting on this site.

D. on the other hand is right where he belongs.


I love how they tout raising $84 million toward their huge smear campaign against a former member of their own party, as a good thing. I wonder how much these two tried and failed(s) are going to spend flinging mud at each other. Meanwhile: The Libertarian candidate (who is running off small contributions from individual voters, rather than huge corporations) seems to be making waves with unsatisfied voters from Both the Right and Left sides of the isle.


The Democrats (and some Independents) will hold their nose and vote for Crist. There is still a primary that the both parties and the media seem to have forgotten about. Regardless that they will still be the victors. If the media would call out both parties for not having debates and we had debates, you'd finally see more of the true colors of Crist and Scott as they'd have to answer questions now of where they stand. Crist would have to go more liberal and Scott would show that he's the evil snake he was in the first 3 years of office.

Voice of reason

Don't forget about moderate Republicans.

Crist will get a good share.

Elroy John

So where's the actual data? Mr. Caputo, your articles really should carry a campaign disclaimer as in-kind advertising.


Crist has Morgan and Morgan Law money coming in because he is against tort reform. He is helping the lawyers that sue like crazy.. It really shows the change in the state that Crist can even compete with a Gov that has lowered debt and unemployment in the state. He's working to make the sate more competitive w/ business and Crist's record showed he didn't. Scott may pull this out but the state is turning blue w/ more and more people wanting something for free and not wanting to compete

Bill Thompson

Timing is everything. Crist was in office during the Bush recession, the worst since the great depression. Scott came into office when the economy was already starting to recover. If you flipped them and put Scott in office when the Bush recession hit, his numbers would have suffered too. Timing is everything.

Bill Thompson

Recently, a TV business news network released a study of America's top states to do business in. Florida ranked only 20th overall. Florida ranked 37th in cost of doing business in the state, 27th in infrastructure, 28th in quality of life, 35th in business friendliness, 38th in education and 31st in cost of living.

The scumbag Scott and other big talkers better get to work if they want Florida to do better than a mediocre 20th. Perhaps this most horrible man should go visit Rick Perry and learn how to make the state more competitive, as Texas is ranked #2 best state to do business in, whereas Florida is ranked a mediocre #20.

Frank Blank

It's simple: the unindicted felon Scott is a minority candidate. If the Democrats can get out just a bit more of the vote, he cannot win.

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