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July 20, 2014

Stumbles aside, numerous numbers favor Rick Scott


Charlie Crist had one of the best weeks of the governor’s race after picking a widely admired running mate, Annette Taddeo, Miami-Dade County’s Democratic leader.

And Gov. Rick Scott, called out by TV stations across Florida and the nation for serial non-answers and question-dodging, had one of the toughest stretches ever.

But don’t let the coverage fool you. Crist has serious trouble on his hands.

He knows it. Crist’s admittedly “unorthodox” early pick of Taddeo — 40 days before the primary against Democrat Nan Rich — shows it.

And beyond the horse-race headlines and the tragicomic TV of an odd-gazing Scott murmuring poll-tested platitudes (“I’m against discrimination”), Scott has numerous advantages.

“One number should worry you: $70 million. That’s how much Rick Scott spent in 2010,” Taddeo told Democrats in January, underestimating the Republican’s personal $75.1 million in spending when he was first elected in 2010.

Scott has a number of other numbers on his side:

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Even to opponents, Crist running mate Annette Taddeo is a 'class act'

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The Miami-Dade County Republican Party leader quickly summed up the opposition’s greatest strength.

“The best asset that the Miami-Dade Democratic Party has is Annette Taddeo,” Nelson Diaz, chair of the local GOP, said during a spring good-government seminar arranged by the Miami Dade College faculty union.

“As the Democrat chair, she’s very involved,” he said. “She worked hard to organize and mobilize the left wing of her party — which is now the party’s base — making them more of a presence. She made us work harder.”

Now, Taddeo has a much bigger role in state politics: running mate for Democrat Charlie Crist, who tapped her on Thursday to become the first female Hispanic lieutenant governor if the ticket can knock off Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

Unlike Lopez-Cantera, Diaz says, he doesn’t believe Taddeo, a Miami businesswoman who runs a translation company, is ready to become governor because she has never held elected office or run a large company.

But when it comes to the mechanics of fundraising and generating buzz, Republicans should not — and will not — take her lightly, Diaz said.

Taddeo twice has run for elected office — Congress in 2008 and the Miami-Dade County Commission in 2010 — and lost both times. An avid partisan Scott-basher, Taddeo jumped at the chance to help Crist when he called her Tuesday to offer her a spot on the ticket.

“I am so fired up. And I’m ready,” Taddeo told Crist, paraphrasing the Obama campaign’s fired-up, ready-to-go call-and-response mantra.

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