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After old complaints thrown out, RPOF files new ones v. Charlie Crist


Another day, another election complaint in Florida's governor's race. Make that three. This time, they're from the Republican Party of Florida concerning Charlie Crist's book tour.

A batch of RPOF complaints against Crist and Crist-supporter complaints against Gov. Rick Scott were thrown out this week.

Here are the latest complaints

Download Horwitz.Complaint.7.23

Download Crist.Complaint.7.23

Download CristForGov.Complaint.7.23



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Well Connected GOP Operative

When we've got $100,000,000 to spend, we have to spend it by heaving more stuff against the wall and hope that something sticks.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters including this one continue to be disgusted that party leaders ignore the daily embarrassments involving the scumbag crist and are amazed that party leaders are the only ones that do not realize he was a Trojan horse sent by republicans to destroy the party. With democrat primary voters already deciding to support the nancy lady they wonder when party leaders will finally dump this scumbag crist or whether his corruption has found its way to them with pay-offs to maintain party leader preferred status.


Lets say the details in the complaint are found to be true, would that impact the campaign receiving matching dollars since he would have then violated the terms of receiving said dollars?


I think this one actually has teeth.

William C.

15 months and $22 million later and RPOF and Scott are no better that they were when they started. Does this worry me? Damn right it does?

Highly paid Republican operative

We will choose where and when to spend the $100,000,000 to beat up the Dems!

Bill Thompson

When you have such an unpopular candidate as the scumbag Scott, you do whatever you can to try and revive your desperate, failing campaign and hope that something works. This most horrible man has been in office for 3 years and is struggling to get any kind of support, even with his endless supply of campaign money from out of state carpetbaggers looking for a return on their investment.


Jess, I guess I'm not seeing what you are seeing. Why do you think any of that 'has teeth'?

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