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Annette Taddeo-Goldstein for Crist's running mate?


Still waiting for Charlie Crist's "major announcement" press conference, which true to form for the Democrat is running late.

The event, at The Lab Miami in the funky Wynwood District, has the trappings of a ho-hum policy announcement. But everyone's buzzing about a possible running mate announcement, and many say it's Annette Taddeo-Goldstein, the Miami-Dade Democrats' chairwoman.

She checks a lot of boxes: Hispanic, South Florida-based (needed to turn out the Democrat base), a good fundraiser, well-liked by rank-and-file Democrats, experienced (she has run before for office (against U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen), and she's female (another crucial slice of the Democratic base).

We ticked off a few possibilities earlier in the week in this story.

She also has refused to return our calls for two weeks. Something's cooking.

The first major Democrat to call for Taddeo-Goldstein on the ticket: Henry Crespo Sr., the president of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida. He said Goldstein would be a good choice as would Val Demings, Orlando's police chief.

“If we look at it not only in terms of optics, but of shoring up the base, I would pick either an African-American woman or a Hispanic woman,” Crespo said in our previous story. “Women tend to vote more than men.”

All that said, you have to question the timing: A running mate announcement in July, before the Democratic primary against Nan Rich is over? It would be a bit presumptuous. But it's also headline-grabbing, a good way for Crist -- badly trailing in ad spending -- to earn free media in a time when it's tough to grab voters' attention.


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ed jenkins

At a time when democrat primary voters are calling for the removal of this scumbag crist from the primary for his already disastrous campaign offending nearly everyone in this state while being caught in many illegal and unethical activities including the latest with corrupt African campaign donations, democrat primary voters do not know why anyone would want to join this failed campaign which will lose to the nancy lady if it continues. Democrat primary voters including this one have called for the removal of party leader preferred status from this most horrible man who all but the party leaders have now figured out that he has been sent as a Trojan horse to destroy the democrat party.

Voice of reason

Excellent choice to unify all Dems!

Emmie Hemingway

I believe, Mr. Jenkins, you are referring to Governor Rick Scott. If Rick Scott would spend 1/1000th of the resources his buddies are donating for his negative commercials directly towards our great state of Florida, our state would be in solid fiscal condition.

Most individuals I know turn the channel as soon as one of Rick Scott's re-election commercials air because they are inaccurate and dishonest, but then again, we've learned to expect that from Rick Scott.

Joe Kreps

Charlie and his million dollar campaign team are pulling out all the stops to avoid his freefall. A stunt like naming a lt. governor before the primary will backfire on him because it is obvious the only reason he picked her is because the is a latino women from S.Fl. H the fact that she is a woman has no history with Annette and the Lt. Gov. is powerless.

MarKKK Kaputo

Is she hot? Need pic. Crappy work Caputo, you lazy bum. Can't we get a pic?

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