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Broward absentee ballot requests are up compared to '10

Absentee ballot requests for the primary in Broward County have already surpassed the number during the 2010 primary.

As of early July, Broward received 110,505 absentee ballot requests for the primary election. In 2010, the county mailed 86,465 absentee ballots for the primary, said Mary Cooney, a spokeswoman for Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes. (Not everyone who requests an absentee ballot ultimately uses that ballot to vote so it isn’t a concrete prediction of turnout.)

Democrats hoping to oust Republican Gov. Rick Scott this year will focus considerable effort on Broward County because it has the second biggest contingent of Democratic voters behind Miami-Dade. Broward’s 41 percent turnout in the 2010 general election was one of the factors in Democrat Alex Sink’s loss to Scott. This year, former state legislator Nan Rich of Weston faces former Gov. Charlie Crist in the Democratic primary and there are also some primaries in local races.

Crist has held several fundraisers here and has one tonight at YOLO, a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. On Tuesday night he house hopped for fundraisers at the homes of three Democratic mayors: Joy Cooper in Hallandale Beach, Peter Bober in Hollywood and Frank Ortis in Pembroke Pines.  

Scott has also held several public events in Broward in recent months including at a Cuban restaurant in Oakland Park which he used as a backdrop for this Spanish-language ad.

Broward plans to start sending domestic absentee ballots to voters July 22.





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Hoff Peggy

Yeah,they don't wan to stand in line for 12 hrs AGAIN. ah hem "Rick Scott"


Yeah, why should liberals blame the local supervisor of elections for their failures to operate a smooth election, when you can easily blame the sitting governor...

Who knows their electorate best? The local supervisor of elections!

Who in Miami-Dade decided against redoing their precinct lines? The local supervisor of elections!

Who know best local turnout by precinct, especially based on historic turnout? You guessed it, the local supervisor of elections (who maintains those records on local voters)!

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters who make up a large percent of broward voters have already decided that they will support their local resident and only true democrat the nancy lady and this is yet another indication of that.

the nancy lady

I didn't even know I was running for governor!


Hmmmm... Don' forget that plenty of the county S of E's ask for resources from the state and didn't get everything they asked for (more voting machines, for example, more ballot scanners, funds for more early voting locations).

For the most part the S of E's did an admirable job. The long lines were mostly the result of the govs decision to drastically curb early voting days and also greater ID restrictions which take more time to check/deal with.

As I recall, Scott is returning to the early voting schedule of prior years for the 2014 election. How convenient he doesn't want people to have to wait in long lines to vote in an election where he is a candidate, unlike 2012.

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