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Charlie Crist flies to enviro press conference -- on jet of developer fined for pollution


Democrat Charlie Crist flew to an environmental press event Thursday on the private jet of a developer fined for pollution.

Almost as soon Crist stepped off the 2005 Cessna 560XL, Gov. Rick Scott's campaign had photographed its tail number and traced its ownership to developer James Finch, whose company Phoenix Construction was fined at least twice for violating environmental rules (more here, here and here).

Scott's campaign quickly informed reporters awaiting Crist at his press conference concerning climate change

Crist, not commenting about the irony of flying to an environmental press conference on the plane of someone busted for violating environmental rules, partly blamed his troubles on the remoteness and difficulty of traveling to Tallahassee.

"Listen, I’m trying to win this race and Florida's a big state. And if the Republicans don’t think that I should be allowed to fly and have to drive everywhere when their candidate has his own private airplane that he got from the ill-gotten procedures he had at Columbia HCA, I got another thing coming for 'em," Crist said. "I'm going to fly and I'm going to get around Florida as fast as I can to talk to as many people as I can to tell them the truth about what this guy isn't doing on climate change and education and other issues.".

Was there a better way to travel to Tallahassee?

"Perhaps there is, but that's really not the issue of today," Crist said. "The issue of today is who really cares about Florida."

No one asked how much carbon he blew into the atmosphere by deciding to hold a climate-change press conference in Tallahassee instead of his home base of Tampa Bay. Or maybe he could have held the event in Gainesville, where the governor had flown from.

That's less than a three hour drive from Tallahassee.

It would've saved fuel. And the drive would've spared Crist a bad headline he didn't need.

-- Rochelle Koff contributed


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Bill McCollum

This is the same kind of nonsense they used against me.

Trivialities to distract!

Seth Platt

Go Get em Charlie


Perhaps Gov. Scott should not have let his minions stalk Gov. Crist and put out that barely-researched information. Scott’s environmental record is beyond dismal.

“Since Scott took office in 2009, his smaller government approach has slashed regulation and conservation programs, reports the Broward New Times.
He even reportedly replaced experienced Department of Environmental Protection employees with people from polluting industries.

[Juan Portuondo , see another post of mine on the “Climate Wars Continue ...” thread]

Scott also recently put the state's water quality under the DEP as opposed to the federal Environmental Protection Agency.”


There’s zero question Rick Scott is no friend to the Florida environment. He’s a friend to Big Business, Big Sugar, Big Polluters.

Joe Kreps

Charlie is no better than Scott. A vote for Charlie is a vote for the past. A vote for Nan Rich is a vote for the future.

Voice of reason

Then the future is over in 30 days!


Confused. Are people here trying to justify this person's actions? If so...wow. To me, it does point to hypocrisy. Alas, I'm just a little, common man who was taught your actions should match your words.

I R A Darth Aggie

Hey, Charlie (and you too, Al Gore), I'll give the words coming out of your mouth more weight with regard to global warming if you LIVED YOUR LIFE LIKE YOU BELIEVED THEM.

Hint: Delta flies to Tallahassee. So does American and United.


Was there a better way to travel to Tallahassee?

"Perhaps there is, but that's really not the issue of today," Crist said. "The issue of today is who really cares about Florida."

Oddly enough, that WAS the issue today. A great deal of climate change remediation discussion surround finding better ways to travel which cut out the use of fossil fuels and pollution to... Florida which damages the state and ultimately brings harm to the people of Florida.

I think if Crist cared about the people of Florida and climate change/global warming/climate disruption remediation, he would have found a better way to travel to Tallahassee.

Lead by example, not by excuses.

John Adams

More typical "do as I say, not as I do"


hy·poc·ri·sy [hi-pok-ruh-see] Show IPA
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John Holliday

I'll believe there's a crisis when the people who tell me there's a crisis start acting as though there really is a crisis.


Being a member of the elite, Crist is not bound by the same limitations which he would impose on the rest of us if given the chance to do so. All us proles need to cut back on everything so there is more for Crist and other elites to use/waste/abuse as they see fit as we are not capable of understanding their incredible talents and needs.

Keith Stegath

How the F--- long are we going to put up with this B--- S---? J---s F-----g C----t, are these two M-----F-----s the best we can do? Give me a F-----g break.!

These two S--- Bags are why I'm running for Governor. I would much rather build my electric car business than deal with A-- Holes like Crist, Scott and the other corrupt Dumb A---- that you keep electing.

If you lack the courage to vote for someone other than these two Sh-- Heads, then we deserve the S--- coming our way.

That's why I'm putting aside my passion and running for Governor. I have to do more simply write letters.

Keith Stegath


The Libertarian candidate for Governor, Adrian Wyllie, recently traveled to Tallahassee too, from him home near Tampa. He traveled to his Craft Brew Tour event.....in his own car! It afforded him the opportunity to meet with citizens along the way. In fact, he travels the entire state in his own car. Doesn't seem to be a problem for him. He certainly could make use of a jet's fast travel time, since he is still working his day job as an IT Consultant for his small business, but he would never take any kind of special interest to do so, and being an average citizen, could never afford to own one. Crist is an opportunist every step of the way. Come out and meet the REAL candidate, Wyllie, at one of his Craft Brew Tour stops www.wyllieforgovernor.com/events

J Burkiewicz

Why anyone would vote for one of these corrupt republican governors is beyond me when you have the good man Adrian Wyllie running for Governor of Florida. wyllieforgovernor.com

William Dail

Crist is using his corporate back scratchers to get him around the state. He probably does not want to run into real voters during stops on a road trip so he flies direct to his locations. Campaigning only in the big cities with airports makes you miss lots of voters! Adrian Wyllie travels the state by car and reaches more voters then SCott & Crist by doing so. The money he is saving by not flying helps extend his campaign funds. Wyllie is the true fiscal conservative in this campaign. For those of you who think you only have 2 choices, you have not done your research! You can find a full list of candidates in this poll: https://epoll.me/vote/ACQbj6H4aIQ/who-will-you-vote-for-florida-governor

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