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Climate war update: Crist agrees to meet scientists, so gov follows

Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist fueled the climate wars Friday and called Florida State University oceanography professor Jeff Chanton offering to meet with the scientists who asked to meet with Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott said this week that someone in his administration would meet with the 10 climate scientists from universities and colleges across the state, but after Crist agreed to meet, them, the governor also agreed.

"I would be happy to meet with them. We have a great record on the environment and restoration projects in Florida," Scott said in a statement released by his campaign.

The state's top climate experts want to explain the research that shows the impact human-induced global warming is having on Florida.

But Jeff Chanton, the FSU oceanography professor who delivered the letter to the governor on Tuesday, told the Miami Herald that he was hoping to meet with the governor.

The letter has prompted media attention for Chanton all week and on Friday, after Crist's call and the governor's updated answer, he said he was "very pleased."

Crist was governor when climate change policies had become politically popular for Republicans like former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Crist launched a series of aggressive policies aimed at targeting greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming..

The GOP-controlled legislature has since dismantaled nearly all of those programs with the agreement of Scott, who in 2010 signaled he was in the climate change deniers camp.

In their letter delivered to Scott on Tuesday, asking for an opportunity to explain to him the impact
human-induced global warming will have on Florida, the scientists wrote:.

“We note you have been asked several times about how, as Governor, you will handle the issue of climate change,” the professors wrote in a two-page letter to Scott. “You responded that you are ‘not a scientist.’ We are scientists and we would like the opportunity to explain what is at stake for our state.”

In a statement about the letter on Wednesday, Scott said he was "focused on solutions we can implement to protect our land, water and families."

"We have made environmental restoration a top priority - investing record amounts in the Everglades and Springs projects all across Florida, even many that were not prioritized by the previous administration," he said.

Scott and his environmental officials face new deadlines under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan which requires states reduce greenhouse gas emissions from future and existing power plants by specific levels by 2030.


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Keith Stegath

I too am a candidate for Florida's governor. Unlike Crist and Scott, I am a scientist. And an engineer. And a researcher. Climate change is happening and we are running out of time before it is out of our control.


ed jenkins

This most horrible scumbag crist continues to offend democrat primary voters by associating with these fantasy land individuals who make outrageous claims which they can do since there are no consequences unlike the real world. Democrat primary voters have suffered greatly due to no wage growth in recent decades and rising costs of living yet this most horrible crist would agree with these eggheads whose proclamations if listened to would make democrat primary voters much worse off.

Seth Platt

This Democratic Primary Voter will be voting for Charlie Crist. And I am a real person unlike the Naked Politics troll ed jenkins, he is the scumbag.
We can always count on Republicans to give us greedy, apathetic politicians and nasty subversive propaganda.

Sam Buttastic

I think climate change is a conspiracy theory foisted upon us by the liberal media in order to promote their communist agenda of taking away my right to expel methane from my anus.


Any disadvantage we place on our residents will be outweighed 10 times over for the negative by other countries...

If GLOBAL warming, climate change is the issue - look for a GLOBAL solution.

As it stands now, the USA is leaps and bounds ahead of the real offenders.


Crist 2014.

^^^ No other comment necessary.


Can't take anymore

Looks like Gov. Goofy is yelling "me, too!" now that he sees Charlie won't play the climate denial game. It seems Old Rick is going to burn thru that $100 million in campaign money and get the same result his pal Willard "Mitt" Romney did with the more than $500 million his boys thru away.


I can just imagine Gov. Scott's next interview:

Q: Governor, can you explain why you changed your mind and have now decided to meet with these Florida scientists?

A: I would be happy to meet with them. We have a great record on the environment and restoration projects in Florida.

Q: Governor, can you name one thing you've done to help the FL environment since becoming governor?

A. I'm always happy to meet with people. I get to talk to the media a lot. We have a great record on the environment in Florida,"

Q: Would you say you are now willing to at least consider the possibility that climate change is in fact at least partially caused by the activities of human beings?

A: I am happy to meet with human beings at any time and discuss the environment. We have a great record on the environment and restoration projects in Florida.

Keith Stegath

There is another choice for Florida Governor. An engineer, scientist, and researcher.



Rick Scott fumbles again. He follows the real governor, Charlie Crist, who agrees to meet with the scientists. Rick is so stupid. Says he will have his "staff" meet with the scientist. I guess Rick is to busy lying about the 1.7 million jobs he promised.

Philip Woods

I am a scientist as well, and I can say, unabashedly, that this global warming/climate change nonsense is exactly that, nonsense, political folderol based on biased data. The single, overriding influence on the planet's climate is not hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. It is the SUN!

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