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Crist, Scott face off on education issues

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are using a similar weapon in their battle for the governor’s mansion: teachers.

Schoolteachers play a starring role in Scott's latest round of campaign television ads.

"Rick Scott has put a lot of money back into education," a teacher named Vicki says in one ad, standing before her whiteboard.

Crist has also enlisted educators in his gubernatorial bid. The Democratic frontrunner recently hosted a roundtable discussion with educators, and asked one of them to deliver his qualifying documents to the elections department in Tallahassee.

He has since met with teachers in Orlando and Miami.

While the tactics are similar, the strategies are different. Read more here.


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ed jenkins

The citizens are disappointed that this scott whose exemplary fiscal stewardship had won them over now appears to be willing to spend more taxpayer confiscated money. They do not consider spending more money as a way to improve schools.

Highly paid Republican operative

Don't turn on the Boss now ed.

We both know he is a bit unforgiving!


The teachers in Scott's adds are either stupid or corrupt. "Rick Scott has put a lot of money back into education." That is money HE TOOK OUT, and he has still not reached the funding levels from before he took office. Also, he has allowed the legislature to give a bunch of the money to PRIVATE charter schools. Rick Scott's education policies stink: funding, unfunded mandates, unscientific/unproven very expensive testing, reductions in Bright Futures Scholarships, ... On every education issue Rick Scott is WRONG.

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