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Crist's NASCAR racer brings GOP complaint

The shiny new Charlie Crist-sponsored racer in Saturday night's Coke Zero 400 NASCAR race at Daytona International Speedway has drawn the critical eye of the Republican Party of Florida. The GOP filed a formal complaint claiming the sponsorship's market value far exceeds the $3,000 limit for an in-kind contribution to a statewide candidate.

"Nice try," said a Crist campaign spokesman, Brendan Gilfillan, who said the GOP got its facts wrong: The sponsorship was an in-kind contribution to Crist's political committee, Charlie Crist for Florida, which is not subject to the $3,000 limit. "We appreciate them drawing more attention to the car, though," he said.

Driver Josh Wise's No. 98 Ford will be covered with Crist for governor artwork during the nationally televised race on TNT.

Wise's car is owned by Mike Curb, a musician and record company executive and former lieutenant governor of California (one of Crist's friends, Mitch Bainwol, is a former Washington lobbyist for the Recording Industry Association of America). The complaint, filed by RPOF executive director Juston Johnson with the Florida Elections Commission, says a previous corporate sponsorship of a Josh Wise car cost $55,000. Johnson also quotes an online post by Wise in which the driver said, "We try to get 55-60K per race."

It's the fourth election-law complaint Republicans have filed against Crist.


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William C.

This just proves what kind of incompetent numb nuts Scott has running his campaign.

United Democrats

We will lap them before this race is over!

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voter have already decided that they will support the nancy lady over this scumbag crist who can turn even these advertising issues into controversies that disgusts democrat primary voters who have wanted party leader preferred status removed from such a horrible choice.

United Democrats

If Democrat primary voters have already decided then this nancy lady, whose first name is Nan, ought to start campaigning exclusively against Ricjk Scott.


Crist is a failure and a idiot

United Democrats

Wendell you are an articulate and gifted debater.


I can not imagine anybody voting for or wanting republican,i mean independent ,I mean democrat Charlie crist and confessed Obama lover for governor of fl. again. I voted for him the first time he ran ,but when I saw him give obama a big hug my like for him disappear and then when this professional politican tried to beat marco Rubio and change partys every couple months I was very happy he was defeated. I hope fl. can see him for what he is now. I hope one of the republican drivers show car 98 where the wall is.

United Democrats

Richard it appears that you need a very big Hug from someone!

ed jenkins

We have seen some party leaders incorrectly assume that democrat primary voters will vote for anyone placed in the democrat position on their ballot no matter how horrible the person is. Democrat primary voters were wise enough to have never voted for this scumbag crist even while republicans and then independents voted for him and there is no way that they will now be tricked into voting for him if party leaders are able to stuff enough ballot boxes to allow him to beat the nancy lady favored by democrat primary voters. Party leaders would be wise to find an honorable person in the mold of the great bob graham or Lawton chiles who could win elections if they do not want the nancy lady but instead they have thrown this scumbag crist in the face of this and every other democrat primary voter as they have probably been persuaded with another one of his corrupt schemes to buy their favor.


if I need a hug it sure would not be from any democrat. if a democrat doesn't like something they want it outlawed for everybody. if a republican does not like something he just doesn't buy or use it. gov. scott has been and is the best governor florida has had in many years. he has done more for fl. then crist ever did. here is a short riddle for democrats. O IS FOR ONE,B IS FOR BAD, A IS FOR ASS,M IS FOR MISTAKE, A IS FOR AMERICA!! I WILL BET EVEN A DEMOCRAT CAN FIGURE THIS OUT!!!

Highly Placed GOP operative

Hey, I thought we owned NASCAR!

Highly paid Republican operative


You say, "If a democrat doesn't like something they want it outlawed for everybody". Are you talking about the right of a women to choose?

Please don't make us look foolish with your posts!


there is no reference meant in my post about the right of a women to choose. I am a 100% pro choice. please do not try to make it look like I have anything against a women or her rights. I stated democrats and their stinky thinking about anything. they think because somebody has something more then themselves it should be shared. I believe that if a republican or a democrat wants to better themselves then work for it. do not expect it to be given to you. we have more people on disability in the u.s. then the entire population of cuba that is over 11 million people!!. every time Obama doesn't like something right away this is going to effect social security payments, but never a word about welfare, disability ,food stamps ,unemployment or any gov't funded program. when the worst president we have ever had used to say about then president bush he would state my friends and relatives cannot afford to look for a job because of high gas prices. I wish to hell the gas was the price it was under bush even though a president cannot do much of anything to lower prices. if you are a democrat and you do not like what I have stated then that is just to dam bad. two things I will never understand . one why would anybody want to be one. second why would anybody want to vote for one. if you are what you stated a republican then you ought to turn to democrat for a hug. I make no apology to anybody about the way I feel about democrats and their way of wanting things done!!


Wow richard, you are giving me a run for my money on posting length.

No one needs to apologize for having differing opinions, but people should be able to distinguish opinion from fact. You claimed in an earlier post "gov. scott has been and is the best governor florida has had in many years. he has done more for fl. then crist ever did".

The first sentence is clearly your opinion, the second sentence really also is opinion as well, because without you citing facts to support your position, all anyone is left with is their own opinion of what "done more for fl" means and whether that 'more' is a good or bad thing (his drug testing laws for example were 'more' but a bad thing for FL, IMO, certainly a costly one).

To try to steer this back a little towards the topic, if Rick Scott had had a NASCAR car sponsored in the same way and through the same means as Crist had, would you be crying 'foul!"? To me it seems the GOP is trying to make a mountain out of an anthill.

Clearly you dislike Crist and I'm sure nothing I can say will change your mind.

But that is your opinion. Others have different opinions and we will all (hopefully!) be voting later this year to express those opinions.



hello marvin.I will say we all have different opinions and no I would never vote for Christ again. what has Charlie ever done for fl. he raised taxes and fees which gov. scott rolled back. gov. scott brought companys to florida what did Charlie ever do??I can not imagine any body even a democrat looking up to people like Pelosi, reid, schummer, feinstien, Waxman boxer and the democrap list just doesn't stop. we have a presdent that has fired all kinds of military officers ,and turned his back on bengasie and let americans be killed. like one of your hero's Hillary beastly stated "what difference does it make". I served my time in the military in the 50's. I saw a lot of things that had taken placed and I had respect for the people running our once great country.if you are happy with their crap and what is in charge of this once great country then hooray for you. now even bill clinton has stated he hates Obama worse then any person alive or dead and even Hillary stated "Obama doesn't have his f'in hands on the tiller". how in the hell can you be proud of what we have in local and federal democrats.


Now Richard as soon as you start the name calling you lose all credibility. That is for children. Hopefully by the time we reach voting age we have out grown that.

Please remember what Mitt Romney once said, He respected the right of people to have different opinions. Respect for the right of you and I to have our beliefs. Try that for a change. Propaganda that is spewed serves noone.

Charles E. Brown

I am praying the great people of the state of Florida do not return Charlie Crist to the Govenors Office. The State of Florida will pay for years the cost of his mismanagement when he was Governor. Say what you want about Rick Scott but he has made significant progress in the recovery from the Crist terms. I was an emergency department RN in an HCA hospital when Rick Scott was with HCA. He gave us the resources we needed to provide quality care and serve our patients. He supported us 100% in allowing us to expand our services and remain a leader in health care. He has done the same for the State of Florida.

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