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Federal bribery trial of suspended Miami Lakes mayor draws his one-time nemesis


Schadenfreude -- that German word conveying a feeling of joy over someone else's troubles -- filled the air at the federal bribery trial of suspended Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi.

As convicted Miami-Dade lobbyist Richard Candia testified about giving alleged bribes to Pizzi, the indicted politician's one-time nemesis, ex-County Commissioner Natacha Seijas,  showed up to take in the courtroom drama this week.

Seijas, once an influential politician in Hialeah and Miami Lakes, lost her commission seat in 2011, when Pizzi led a nasty recall effort to oust her.  Over the years, neither has been publicly shy about expressing contempt for the other.

But on Tuesday, Seijas held her tongue when asked by a Miami Herald reporter why she came to watch Pizzi face charges of accepting $6,750 in alleged bribes during an FBI sting operation.

"I believe in the justice system," Seijas would only say, "and I'm waiting for it to happen."



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Natasha Seijas was there with another Town of Miami Lakes resident: Payla Hagen. We spoke with her during lunch and she is now writing children's books.

She is grieving the passing of her son, writing a book about Grief.

Ms. Seijas looks great, and we are certain that she is praying, not that anything bad happens to Michael Pizzi, but that we are able to learn from the lessons of politics.

The perennial need to do more and more, the offering of grants, the pitfalls of relationships based on 'favors' bring about questions of ethics that many a time entraps individuals in wrong doing.

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Please continue to pray for Michael Pizzi, here is another trial update:


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What kind of profiling is done to select informants like Richard Candia?

What is the purpose behind "a trio of FBI agents" knocking at any Hispanic's door to say: "You are in “a lot of trouble” for taking bribes?

Why would they pick on a segment of the population that comes from countries where the military scares the living day lights out of us on a daily basis to request "assistance in an undercover operation?"

At some point, every person lies. How do we know that at any point, WE are telling the truth?

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Why was Michael Kesti hired as an informant? Why was he paid $114,000 in fees, plus a rented Lexus?

Did tax-payers give permission for our hard-earned tax dollars to go to waste?

Let's calculate: 3 years of an FBI investigation, an informant paid $148K + the rental of a car, An arrest, the need for local elections, campaign expenditures, removal of a Town Attorney in 2 municipalities, review and removal of all web sites to erase the memory of certain elected officials, meetings, attorneys, judicial process, trial, news paper ads, loss of innocence, a Town in upheaval, loss of TRUST?

What is the cost to tax payers?

Why is any person given credit for 'flipping' for the authorities?

When a person is given the choice of a lesser sentence by flipping... What justice is served?

Why would Candia 'select' a friend and a person who trusted him?

If Shohat got Candia to admit 'he lied' - how can we believe any of his testimony?

Why do we permit the political process to always be going after money?

Grants, political contributions, PACs... we create the very avenues that lead to moral-ethical traffic jams!

The Mayor, Michael Pizzi "told the lobbyist that any PAC donation “has nothing to do with” the grant deal being pushed by the Chicago guys."

Shohat pressured Candia to admit that he personally gave the cash to Pizzi in “in the context of the PAC.”

Finally... How can Federal Agents put on the stand a citizen who admits his testimony is a lie to get credit or time off?

IN GOD WE TRUST that we return our government to SANITY!

book reader

To select a man who has been recently slammed by life, knowing he's down and can't take another hit, it's entrapment. Candia was set up then forced to comply to save himself, to save his kids' futures. They ruined a good man and tried to ruin more.

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