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Former Florida House candidate sues to get back on the ballot

Miami Beach publicist Laura Rivero Levey isn’t giving up her bid for the Florida House just yet.

The Republican was disqualified from the District 113 race earlier this month, after a check she submitted to the Department of State bounced.

Without any other opposition, incumbent Rep. David Richardson, a Miami Beach Democrat, was automatically re-elected.

But Levey says the bank is responsible for the mishap — and the bank accepts the blame. Levey is suing Secretary of State Ken Detzner to have her candidacy reinstated.

"I hope I get back on the ballot," she told the Herald/Times. "It wouldn’t be fair to my constituents if they were not given a choice."

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Bill Thompson

Just another typical GOP politician that wants to bend the law to make up for her mistakes.

Christopher M. Kennard

In truth, although I do not support this Republican’s political views, I do believe Florida ought to have the matter corrected by placing her back on the November ballot since this candidate is not at fault. The bank erred and somehow mishandled the check to cover the filing fees for this candidate to register to run for public office.

Fair is fair, and I know that if I did support this candidates views and political ideology, then I certainly would believe it was unfair and not right that she cannot run for elective office. I am afraid the cost of re-mailing all the ballots to voters out of state and/or serving overseas in the Armed Forces so she can run must be done, if necessary.

I further believe that karma is at play here, since the Republican Party is making a bad faith feint to retain political districts for this year's elections that were illegally drawn to protect certain political incumbents in office and the political party now in power.

Remarkably, the Republicans publicly have acknowledged the drafting process for new district boundaries was corrupted and illegally performed, so they will not appeal the recent court case they just lost regarding improperly drawn political district boundary lines. Both political parties have corrupted the process in the past . . . we just got caught, is all. No big deal.

However, they argue the expense is too great and potential inconveniences too many to be worth the effort to stop this corrupted political maneuver from working as designed. Given the inconvenience and expense, the Republicans say forget fixing the district lines for this years' elections and replace them for elections in 2016, two years away.

After all, the Republicans just directed the State of Florida to mail out absentee ballots to those citizens out of state or overseas in the Armed Forces. The cost of re-mailing all those ballots out . . . well, it is not in the interests of the Republicans to see a fair district boundary map be produced in time for November's elections.

I gather the reasoning is that we do not need honest candidates running in their political district for office this year. What damage can be done in just two years by improperly elected politicians, after all. Don't we know the fix is already "in"?

We want to savor the rewards, the Florida Republican Party seems to be saying, that our illegal district lines have given to our state party and incumbent politicians. Maybe in a couple of years the tax paying voters will deserve to have honest elections . . . but not yet.

I do believe the dishonest functionaries and lobbyists running both political parties feel "anything and everything to win" is permissible. But it not, is it?

Think Judge Lewis and the general public of Florida will "buy" into this line of specious reasoning? I rather hope not.

Thank you, Florida League of Women Voters, for filing this case along with other parties who want fair elections . . . and thank you, Judge Lewis, for being open, honest and attempting to address the corruption you found as testimony and documents so convincingly proved.

Let's hope Florida's voters now do their part and throw everyone out of office who is running for re-election, and elect new candidates who are honest, intelligent and wish to truly represent everyone, not just select groups with lots of money.

I vote. I will be at the voting booths this year, and I will bring at least one or two people with me who may not have gone to vote otherwise. Eventually, we will clean house and get this country back on track to fulfill our nation's true potential.

Fair is Fair

I think Laura Levey is different kind of Republican. First, she's a woman and there aren't many of those around. Second, she's a concerned and involved mother which means you know why she's doing, what she's going. And Third, she has a unique perspective as a long time resident that is Jewish and Hispanic.

I think we all should give her a chance to speak her mind. You might just be surprised and like what you hear.

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