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From Annette Taddeo to Annette Taddeo-Goldstein back to Annette Taddeo


It’s a mouthful to say the entire name of Democrat Charlie Crist’s new running mate, Annette Taddeo-Goldstein.

“Taddeo-Goldstein is probably too long to print on a sign,” she said Thursday evening, pointing to a Crist placard in the window of the campaign’s Liberty City field office.

That’s a major reason that, in her past two campaigns for Congress and Miami-Dade County commission, she has stumped and had her name listed on the ballot as just Annette Taddeo. The Crist campaign Thursday announced her as just “Annette Taddeo.”

In an-only-in-Miami twist, her opponent also hails from Miami-Dade, has Hispanic and Jewish roots and has a hyphenated name: Carlos Lopez-Cantera. The sitting lieutenant governor, however, has always been known by his full name and the Rick Scott/Lopez-Cantera ticket is keeping it that way (for those counting, his last name is 12 letters long, hers is 15, which is one short of tying the length of U.S. Rep/DNC Debbie Wasserman-Schultz).

Taddeo-Goldstein denies Republican grumbling that she's trying to play up her Hispanic roots by dropping the Goldstein. 

What should we call her in print?

“It doesn’t matter,” she said.

But it used to. After taking over as the chair of the Miami-Dade Democrats, she preferred Taddeo-Goldstein.

This morning we asked the campaign again: What do we call her? Taddeo or Taddeo-Goldstein?

“Taddeo,” said spokesman Brendan Gilfillan.

Resolved. Annette Taddeo it is.


At least for now.


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Why does Charlie Crist hate Jews?

ed jenkins

This lady who democrat primary voters are already disgusted with for associating with the scumbag crist while they planned to vote for the nancy lady has now proven that she is the perfect companion and a scumbag herself for trying to play tricks on voters with her various aliases.


Charlie Crist does not hate Jews. He is going to get the Jewish vote, but he NEEDS the Hispanic vote; he needs a big Hispanic turn-out. I think it is ironic that she is as much a chameleon as Crist. I also think that being flexible is a good quality for Tallahassee. We already have enough intransigent, "I know better than you" Republicans in the capitol.

Voice of reason

The Republicans are perplexed as to how to try be to beat up an Hispanic woman who is married to a Jewish doctor.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters once again are outraged that party leaders can ignore the disaster that this scumbag crist who was obviously sent by republicans as a Trojan horse to destroy the democrat party is. Everyday evidence of his corruption and incompetence comes out and he offends different citizens of florida by the day, this time by not wanting to be associated with jewish people who make up a large amount of democrat primary voters. Democrat primary voter including this one have already decided they will voter for the nancy lady if given no other choice, but they call for the removal of this scumbag crist from the race and the removal of his party leader preferred status.


@Anti-Tallahassee - so he exploits Jews and Hispanics...

Good to know.

United Democrats

After the primary Democrats, Independents, and Republican Moderates will unite!


Men candidates almost never have to deal with name changes.

But women candidates do, all the time. And this article shows one exact reason why it is harder for women candidates to run and to win.

Women candidates will be attacked on their issues, their policies, their record just as any male candidate would, but in addition, they have to explain why they did (or did not?) change their name when they got married.

A male candidate never has to face these questions ("Why didn't you take your wife's name when you were married? Are you ashamed of it? Are you trying to disavow the ethnic group your wife represents by not including her name appended to yours?

Seriously, I'd love to see reporters ask the Rep. Lt. Gov. candidate those questions.

Oh wait, they can't, he's a guy.

My point exactly.

This is a non-issue.

Bill Thompson

I don't know who is nuttier, Marc Caputo for writing this non-story or the commentators who try to make a something out of nothing.

As for exploiting Jews and Hispanics, we can always talk about the scumbag Scott selecting Lopez-Cantera for his Miami-Dade hispanic and Jewish roots and how Scott goes to Versailles wearing a guayabera, mumbling the 5 words he knows in spanish, drink a cafecito, say "Cuba si, Castro no" and flying out in his private jet.

Highly paid Republican consultant

Atta boy D another articulate post.

New leadership

She's only Jewish when it serves her. Self loathing and pathetic!
Time for the Jewish community to wake up and smell the coffee. This ticket is flawed beyond belief. Give Nan Rich another look. At least she is comfortable with who she is. Besides, the Hispanics in Miami are in love with Lopez Cantera so the Democrats won't stand a chance in this region.

Voice of reason

In about one month Nan Rich will be a footnote and we can all unite to defeat the Scott machine.

harry Houdini

All this "back and forth" over names. Its not news or a big deal.

Give me a Fuc-in break! There are a LOT MORE important issues in this race and in this world than what a candidate calls herself....


Hmmmm, things that make you go "hum," do not make most people go "hum." If you are talking about exploitation, then you must be looking at the Republicans of Floriduh. The voucher program, charter schools, the reduction in Bright Futures Scholarships, and the general use of public resources for the private gain of the wealthy and well connected. Those are just a few of the natural exploitative characteristics of Florida Republicans.

A Former Miamian

FYI: Her mother is from Colombia, her father was Italian, and she is married to a Jewish man.

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