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Gay-marriage ruling prompts celebration in Tallahassee


There was dancing in the street in Tallahassee Thursday after a judge overturned the state's same-sex marriage ban.


About 50 supporters of marriage equality lined Monroe Street outside of the Historic Capitol to celebrate the ruling. They waved rainbow flags and signs adorned with hearts, and cheered when passing motorists honked in support.

There was no music, but some attendees were so happy they danced.

"It's hard to put into words," said Amanda James, who works in a real estate office. "I feel free now. It's like, I'm a real person. For the first time, I have the same rights as everybody else."

Others were already looking ahead.

"Today was an important first step," said Haley Cutler, who identifies as queer, and attended the celebration with her fiance, Andie Seeber, and their dog, Peanut. "But there is still a long road ahead. We have a lot of work to do."

Cutler said she was disappointed by Attorney General Pam Bondi's decision to appeal the ruling.

"This would be over if Bondi and the other Republicans in power weren't appealing it," Cutler said. "The voters need to remember that."


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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that this corrupt judge has not been removed from his position for his failure to follow the laws and constitution of this state. They want their laws enforced including the prosecution of these perverts for their admitted violation of the state's unnatural acts laws.


Aside from any other considerations, it seems to me that if your drivers license from another state is recognized as valid in all other states, then your marriage license should likewise be valid in all other states.

The bigger picture that our friend Ed does not seem to understand is that when it comes to the law, and rights afforded all citizens under the constitution of the United States of America, what the local 'citizens' who read this "hometown newspaper" "want" is immaterial, even if they vote it into the state constitution.

Florida has a history of signing stuff into state law that turns out to be unconstitutional.
I'm not a FL native, but even I can remember one of Bush's first go-arounds with vouchers (unconstitutional), and of course Rick Scott's drug testing laws (unconstitutional). But both Bush and Scott continued to waste taxpayer money to try to get them appealed at a higher court and it looks like Scott and Bondi are going to waste our money again trying to fight this one.

This alone, their wastefulness and their lack of being able to express any meaningful concern for, any understanding of the real lives and experiences of the people they are supposed to be representing, is enough for me to not vote for them in the next election.

Get out and vote everybody! It's more important that ever. Don't like your choices for governor? Write in your dog's name if you must but do go vote. On your ballot there may be the mayor, school board members, sheriff, ballot initiatives, bond initiatives. What your local legislators do is arguably more influential on your day-to-day life than anything done in Washington.

ed jenkins

As we have seen this Marvin from another state incorrectly believe that an item in the constitution can be unconstitutional which the citizens know is not a possibility. The citizens who do not want this perverted activity going on in their family friendly state though it should have been unnecessary overwhelming voted to re-affirm their position on this subject in recent years. The job of a judge is to follow the constitution and laws and this corrupt judge who likely took money from the sex industry has violated his duty and needs to be removed immediately and his proclamations voided.

Keith Stegath

I am a self-funded candidate for governor (and not a millionaire), and as long as two people are of legal age, I have no issues with same-sex marriage.


Keith Pullman

There is no good reason to deny that we must keep evolving until an adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, monogamy or polyamory, race, or religion is free to marry any and all consenting adults. The limited same-gender freedom to marry is a great and historic step, but is NOT full marriage equality, because equality "just for some" is not equality. Let's stand up for EVERY ADULT'S right to marry the person(s) they love. Get on the right side of history!


Like Marvin, I, too, am NOT a Florida native, although I have resided in the State for over 22 years.Sigh. The military brought our family here and somehow, we never managed to be able to leave-yet. Hope springs eternal..
I also agree with Marvin's points concerning the constitutionality of so many of the battles currently being waged at taxpayer expense-including ed's. Federal law trumps State law-no matter how much Scott, Bondi and their ilk try to circumvent it. Were that the case, Mr. ed, women would still be chattel and slavery would be legal, amongst other RIGHTS that are enumerated in the Constitution, the Amendments to that document, and the Bill of Rights.
I do believe that Repubs greatest wish is to obliterate the Constitution and replace it with THEIR own ideas of how to govern a nation-all at the CITIZENS' expense, of course.They merely cannot really decide WHAT they want, though, hence our Congress is the most ineffective in the history of the country-due solely to Repub obstructionism. I have discovered, ed, that Florida is not quite the "family-friendly" state you erroneously seem to think. When the Republican Legislators-millionaires all-decide not to extend health benefits to more than a million or more of the State's poorest, I cannot deem THAT action "friendly". When those same legislators "conspire" to deceive the citizens deliberately and willfully by enacting laws dreamed up in back rooms far from the public eye-and certainly not transparent-I call that rank deception-not "friendly". When a group of "cartographers", hired by these same legislators draw maps that are not only illegal, but specifically violate those citizens Fair Districting Amendment in order to protect incumbents, I do not call that fair-or legal-or "friendly". When these same people then try to pass their version of an "ethics" bill, crow about such in their "hometown papers", I see a great divide between their ideas of "ethical" behavior and the citizens. That, ed, is NOT friendly at all.
ed, I would suggest that you study a bit more-perhaps read a bit more than what you "find" in YOUR hometown paper. I'm sure(?) you're aware that the SCOTUS overturned DOMA-which effectively ended the legal forms of discrimination in who can/cannot marry-and take advantage of the civil liberties afforded heterosexual couple as THEIR right. (even if those same couples have the morals of a rabbit, although I may be maligning the bunnies.
As Marvin noted, one's local leadership/elections play a much larger role in our daily lives-much more so than the inept and useless politicians in Washington. I urge all to vote in your local elections-they do matter.

ed, I truly wish you would avail yourself of learning a bit more about many subjects; a more open mind-on many subjects may grant YOUR mind a measure of peace, which you seemingly lack. You appear to harbor an irrational dislike for anyone who disagrees with your peculiar notions of what is perverted-or not.
Finally, ed, I would suggest you may wish to sit in on a refresher course in basic English grammar; your skills seem to be a bit rusty. I believe most schools offer adult education classes at a reasonable rate. (Some are even free.)


@ Keith Stegath-I've taken a prolonged look-see @ your page; I am duly impressed at your accomplishments and obvious qualifications. Unfortunately, I cannot waste a vote on anyone other than Crist-even though I must pinch my nostrils quite hard in order to do so. Think I may also need to actually turn my head away when I fill in that little circle. God knows, I wish the Dems had a truly honorable candidate; alas, such a being is not to found in the ranks of ANY "politicians". Were that such a situation did not exist.. however.I wish you well in all your endeavors-I don't suppose you'd like to re-locate to NW Florida and perhaps take a shot at unseating OUR "representatives" ? The Gaetz clan, Jeff Miller, Steve Southerland.. the list is long, but all died-in-the-wool-teabagger Repugs. They all claim to be the best Christians who ever walked the earth-other than , well, you know..Don't believe any are above hypocrisy, though. Sigh.
Good Luck-but, please, don't siphon any votes from Charlie-this State desperately needs ANYONE other than Ricky.(even if he is, as his Mother proclaimed in a TV ad last year, "a GOOD Boy".) Perhaps she sees a side that no one else can glimpse?

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