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It's Annette for Charlie


Charlie Crist on Thursday tapped the head of Miami-Dade’s Democrats to become his running mate for governor, adding a needed South Florida Hispanic face to the former Republican’s ticket.

“As a working mom, a small business owner and a Floridian, I am proud to serve this state that has given me so many opportunities,” Annette Taddeo Goldstein said Thursday morning at a Miami press conference at the Lab Miami.

“Unfortunately,” she said, “too many people across Florida are feeling left out and behind.”

Crist called her “a remarkable woman and a classic American success story.”

Taddeo-Goldstein, who runs a translation company, checks a lot of boxes for Crist: Hispanic, South Florida-based (needed to turn out the Democrat base), a good fundraiser, well-liked by rank-and-file Democrats, experienced she has run before for office (unsuccessfully against U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and then for county commission), and she's female (another crucial slice of the Democratic base).

Taddeo-Goldstein’s selection all but ensures that the state’s next lieutenant governor will be a Miami-Dade Hispanic.

Earlier this year, Republican Gov. Rick Scott chose former Miami-Dade Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera to fill the post.

The first major Democrat to call for Taddeo-Goldstein on the ticket: Henry Crespo Sr., the president of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida. He said Goldstein would be a good choice as would Val Demings, Orlando's police chief.

“If we look at it not only in terms of optics, but of shoring up the base, I would pick either an African-American woman or a Hispanic woman,” Crespo said in a Miami Herald story that ran earlier this week. “Women tend to vote more than men.”

Asked about Taddeo-Goldstein’s ethnicity, and his struggles in attracting Hispanic votes in Miami-Dade, Crist said her selection “certainly won’t hurt. It’s nice that she’s fluent [in Spanish].”

But, Crist said, “it’s not for some particular demographic, it’s for all the people of Florida.”

Crist’s selection of Taddeo comes at an unorthodox time.

Gubernatorial candidates typically pick running mates after contested party primaries, and Crist still faces longtime Democrat Nan Rich, who has assailed the Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Crist for not being a consistent party member.

Crist’s standing over Scott has been slipping as the incumbent has dropped about $15 million of unanswered TV ads. Only recently has Crist started advertising.

By picking Taddeo, Crist ensured he’d dominate the news cycle without having to advertise.


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John Lundin

Annette is a great Lt. Gov. choice by Charlie Crist...intelligent, honest, beautiful...she is just the fire brand Democrats need to send the carpetbagger Rick Scott back to Texas in November

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters who may have thought highly or had no opinion of this lady now have a very low opinion of someone who would associate with this scumbag crist who just today was found to be taking large donations from corrupt Africans. This lady has highly offended democrat primary voters who have already planned to vote for the nancy lady as she completely disrespects their vote and chooses to ignore it.

New leadership

Wow....another Sarah Palin style move of desperation by the Crist camp. This is just like the movie Game Change. This is one reckless ticket! I'm sticking with Nan!


Annette is a great choice! She has done amazing things with the local party and has always been a fighter for the progressive cause. The rest of you are either haters or Republican staff. In either case, your opinions are worthless.

Highly paid Republican operative

Not a bad choice by ole CC.

Joe Kreps

The Great Panderer strikes again. This is yet another unethical stunt. Charlie is so afraid of Nan Rich that he throws precident out the window along with his dignity.

Mike Vallejos

This is obviously a much smarter move than the one that it's being compared of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Annette is a smart choice not just because she is a woman or hispanic, but because she know what she is talking about when it comes to these issues, which is more than I can say about their opponents. Overall, everyone wins with this move.


I am no going to criticize the pick too much, but I have to be honest in saying I find it underwhelming. I was really hoping for Dan Gelber and instead Charlie picked a frequent candidate who has never won a race. Just puzzling. Gelber would have been a serious candidate who could fund raise, debate and help govern.

Gwen Sarah

Great ticket! I know who I'll be voting for.

Crist is an androgynous freak

Hahahahahaha!!! That is really all I can say about this pick. This cracks me up.

Sorry Charlie

This woman has never won an election. She is a perennial loser. Not to mention how the names Taddeo-Goldstein will go over in mid and northern parts of the state. Florida is still pretty racist...and the fact that she is a woman, Latina and Jewish is the the right wing hate machine trifecta. Charlie, you have your own problems but I now feel that you have tied this defective anchor around your neck and will lose. It's a shame. Scott needs to go but I don't feel this reckless novelty stunt is enough to do it. You will end up regretting this pick.
Crist camp: RIP. it's over.

Go Annette

I can't express how excited I am. What we're missing in Tallahassee are people who get it, and will be a fighter. I'm from South Dade and I saw how hard she fought to beat Ileana in 2008. She gets it!!! I'm fired up!

The Republicans should be scared. Watch out once she gets on the campaign trail.

Christopher M. Kennard

I am in the interesting position of being an Independent Voter who is rather annoyed that both political parties in Florida, the Republican and Democratic Party, remain mired in mucky slime.

The Republican Party illegally fixed boundary lines, ostensibly based upon the 2010 Census, following the long established corrupt practice of both parties to improperly tamper with Florida district boundaries for elective offices to favor incumbent politicians and party interests.

What makes this particularly threatening to Florida voters is that we passed a Florida State Constitutional Amendment to stop this illegal activity from continuing in 2010. Florida Republican Party functionaries, lobbyists and corrupt politicians now in office ignored our new law and successfully perverted the choices we voters now have affecting most local, state and federal government elections this year.

The Republicans just got caught and were found guilty in court, but still want these illegal district boundaries to remain in place for the now ongoing primary and national elections. To reap their ill-gotten spoils, you see. Otherwise, these corrupt politicians claim, real damage will be done to the candidates they are supporting in these politically polluted elections. It is better, they say, to allow these corrupted elections to take place, stick to the current election calendar to minimize voter’s discomfort and fix the problems for future elections. What damage can be done by the corrupted politicians who are going to be elected, after all?

Think the Republican Party should get away with this theft of the 2014 elections? I sure don’t.

Meanwhile, the Florida Democratic Party has been in the news about discouraging candidates who live within the communities they wish to represent from running to favor certain out of town politically connected people who then fail to win office.

Even worse for Democratic voters, the Florida Democratic Party is not requiring all Democratic candidates running to bear the Democrat standard in the election for state Governor to engage in meaningful primary debates so Democratic voters can make well reasoned choices for whom they ought to vote to support. The obvious favorite of the party functionaries and big money is former Republican Charlie Crist, who refuses to debate Nan Rich, a Democrat who once held office in the state legislature several years ago. The Democratic Party supports the stifling of Nan Rich’s voice by refusing her the right to debate Charlie Crist in this primary election.

It is bad enough for me to change my Independent Voter status to Democrat, just so I can vote for Nan Rich, if Charlie Crist continues to refuse to debate her. My assumption is that Charlie Crist could possibly lose this primary election, if Nan Rich can speak to Democratic voters during primary debates sponsored by the Democratic Party or by some other organization, such as the Florida League of Women Voters, who have a sterling reputation as honest, fair, open.

If “Chain Gang Charlie can’t beat the real Democrat for Governor in the primary elections, why in the world would the Democratic Party set Democrats up for him to lose in the general election to Rick Scott this coming November. Frankly, I want the best and strongest candidate to represent the Democrats this election year. I have real questions as to whether Charlie Crist, with his past political history and personal life style is better than Nan Rich, who has no such problems in her past life or political history.

By refusing to debate, both Charlie Crist and the Florida Democratic Party tells me the political “fix” is set, and the real interests of Florida voters is not what the Democrats care about this year. So I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I will vote for Nan Rich in the Democratic Primary for Governor. Charlie Crist may be a great guy to have a beer with, but I am voting for someone who will be impeccably honest and above board as Governor. Charlie Crist does not seem to fit the bill as well as Nan Rich.

Not only do I vote, but I am bringing at least one or two other people with me to the voting booths to vote who may not otherwise go to vote. That way, I at least “double” my own personal impact on these elections, and do my best to counter the influx of campaign money.

I do believe the vote is more powerful and worth more to candidates than a fistful of corrupt campaign dollars designed to take over our elections, don’t you?
Let’s throw all the incumbent scoundrels out of office and elect honest people to elective office who will wisely and fairly represent all the voters of Florida, not just the wealthy who think they can buy us.

Let’s throw all the incumbent scoundrels out of office and elect honest people to elective office who will wisely and fairly represent all the voters of Florida, not just the wealthy who think they can buy us.

Hope to see you, family and friends at the voting booths this year.

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