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Latest Democratic ad hits Rick Scott on education cuts, tuition hikes


The Florida Democratic Party is out with a new ad that criticizes Gov. Rick Scott's education record, including budget cuts and approval of tuition increases. The ad, uploaded today on Youtube but scheduled to air in Central and South Florida, is simply titled, "Why?"

This is the Democrats' second ad and, like the first, will be aired in West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa at a cost in the "high six-figures" according to FDP spokesman Joshua Karp. That mirrors the parts of the state where the Scott campaign has spent the most.

The script for the newest ad: "He didn’t side with students and parents when Rick Scott cut education funding by over a billion dollars. Working and middle-class families? Nope. Not on their side when Scott’s cuts forced tuition increases at eleven Florida universities. Why would he do it? Whose side was Rick Scott on? Scott cut education to pay for even more tax breaks for big, powerful, well-connected corporations. With his education cuts and tuition increases, Rick Scott’s not on your side."

UPDATE: Republican Party spokeswoman Susan Hepworth responds:

"Charlie Crist is running away - again. This time he is running from the fact that he is not transparent and doesn't want to honor the tradition of Florida gubernatorial candidates releasing tax returns for both themselves and their spouses. But false negative TV ads can't hide Charlie from Florida's standards of transparency."


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United Democrats

Finally some hitting back.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are disappointed that their leaders would spend time criticizing this scott who is attempting to lower the cost of school for their children. They would prefer that their party leaders would propose further decreases to this cost which has lead to young americans accumulating more than $1 trillion of student debt which threatens the ability of a generation to have an improved standard of living that all previous American generations have enjoyed.

United Democrats

ed you are misquided.

Our job is to defeat Scott.

Acting otherwise would be malpractice.

We will unite behind the nominee!

Jack Watson

For three years, this Scott and the GOP controlled legislature did nothing to help college students because they really don't care. Now that this is an election year and they desperately want to hold on to their jobs, they finally do something. Their real agenda is to bust the teachers union and administrators and cheapen the value of the college education, part of their overall agenda to model Florida after their beloved state of Mississippi.

ed jenkins

We have seen some improper attitudes by a few democrat primary voters that are disagreed with by this and most other democrat primary voters who want to lower the cost of school, something that has done great damage to a generation of americans. Some improperly think that the only goal is to make this scott look bad to the benefit of this party's most horrible preferred candidate rather than working with him to fix these problems. Others unbelievably complain about cheaper cost of college education and lower pay for teachers which is necessary and something the citizens want since they want people who are in the teacher position because of their desire to help our youth, not to grab money for themselves without regards to our childrens' learning. Democrat primary voters would prefer their party leaders and candidates help solve this problem of high schooling costs rather than attack others who are trying to fix it.


Psst, hey, just to let you know if you don't already, which most of you do, anything that Charlie Crist did as Governor he did with the full backing and support of the Republican legislature. It was the Republican legislature that sent up any bill he signed, so if you don't like what he did as governor, you have to put a great deal of the blame for that where it properly lies, which is with the Republican-dominated legislature.

If you didn't like Charlie Crist as governor, you should also not like any state representative who put forth and/or or voted for the legislation he signed. I presume you will not be voting for those people in the next election, and the majority of those people were Republicans.

This pointing out of Scott's duplicity when it comes to eduction (taking funds away when times are tough and then trying to act like he's some sort of hero when economic conditions have improved) perfectly shows what most politicians do.

We, the people, are not - ultimately - that stupid. At least, I hope we are not.

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