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Marco Rubio's Half True claim about dads from his values speech at Catholic University

In defending traditional marriage, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said in a speech about values at Catholic University that fathers play a vital role in their children’s success.

Rubio cited statistics about the number of children born to unwed mothers and what that means for their chances to climb out of poverty and go to college.

After getting an education, finding a good job and getting married, "The final element of the success sequence is raising children in a married, two-parent home," Rubio said July 23, 2014. "Even in my own family, of course, I have examples of children raised by one parent who have gone on to successful lives. But we also know that having an active father makes children 98 percent more likely to graduate from college and complete the first step of the success sequence."

We decided to fact-check the 98 percent statistic.


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Bill Thompson

The citizens want their freshman senator at work learning his job and addressing the needs of his constituents, of which there are many, and stop making these grandiose speeches, looking for his next job and furthering his personal political career.

Keith Stegath

Marco Rubio is a lawyer - Ex post facto and heretofore, he confuses fact with belief and muddles along until he is able to blurt out something that his followers will believe.

Fifty years ago, when a high-tech home had a color TV, lawyers like Rubio were qualified to make decisions on the latest technology. Those days are gone. We can no longer expect those we elect to make informed decisions about issues and technologies they do not understand.

We're running out of time to fix the mess our elected lawyers have made of our country.

Bill Thompson

The junior senator from Florida should stick to issues relating to government such as national defense and keep his nose out of people's personal, private lives.

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