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Nan Rich: Carole Crist doesn't have to release tax returns


Nan Rich has plenty of disagreements with Charlie Crist, who has refused to debate her and generally acted as if his Democratic rival doesn't exist. But on the question of Crist releasing his wife's tax return Rich agrees: He doesn't have to.

Rich said she hasn't decided about her own tax returns, but that as a state legislator she has long filed financial disclosure reports.

We asked Rich about the Progressive Choice group that is attacking Crist in mailers and on the radio. Rich said she has no idea about the group other than what she has read in the news. "I have nothing to do with them." But she doubts it's a Republican front.

"I like their message. It's a very accurate analysis" of Crist's history as a Republican.

-- Alex Leary


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Joe Kreps

Nan Rich is the ONLY credible candidate running for Governor.

Voice of reason


ed jenkins

Another great contribution from the wise Joe Kreps which the readers would like to see more of.

The citizens have already stated that they do not want to see any more of this tax return releasing from political candidates as it is none of their business and is only wanted by people who are jealous of the success of others.

Bill Thompson

The citizens agree with the wise Joe Kreps and urge the scumbag Scott to drop his failing campaign for re-election, as it will only drag down the entire GOP ticket in November.

Highly paid Republican consultant

It is not nice to call the Boss a scumbag.

I think even ed would agree.


The citizens reading here are all agog at the poster "D". When he posts, they dismiss the comments he disparages with his finely honed commentary outright in part because he calls the posters 'losers'.

Yeah, that was sarcasm.

And if D calls me a loser, which he has done before, I shall take that as a badge of honor, as anyone posting here should take a 'loser' reply from D as a badge of honor.

Highly paid Republican consultant

The Boss Man Scott has hired a stable of bloggers like ed jenkins &
D but I have told him they are not really that effective and we ought to use the $100,000,000 to keep hitting the Dems with more TV ads. But the Boss likes to read their posts.


Go Nan!!!

Highly paid Republican Consultant

D you are indeed very perceptive.

The Boss appreciates your good works. It is helping.

Enjoy the Holiday weekend!

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