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Nan Rich faces Truth-O-Meter on economy, taxes

PolitiFact Florida fact-checked two claims by Nan Rich, a Democratic candidate for governor, from statements she made to the Florida Press Association July 11.

Rich said, "tourism and retirees are the dominant economic engines in our state."

We didn’t find a simple way to quantify whether tourism and retirees are the dominant economic engine in Florida, but a combination of statistical data and expert analysis suggests that both are important engines, and possibly too important, due to the low-wage jobs they bring.

We rated this claim Mostly True.

Rich also said that there is evidence that Florida has "the third most-regressive tax base," though she acknowledged when she spoke she wasn’t certain if she had the number right.

She was close: A study placed Florida No. 2 in terms of its regressive tax base.

Florida has a regressive tax base because we lack a state income tax. Though the Tax Foundation criticized the report, it didn’t dispute the states’ rankings, and other experts we interviewed also had no qualms about Florida’s placement.

Rich’s number of third place was just a smidgen low, so we rated this claim Mostly True.


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We'll likely be Number One with the most regressive tax base soon if Rick Scott has his way. One of the things he wants is to permanently eliminate a tax on certain manufacturing equipment.

First off, I don't like using the word 'permanent' with 'tax cut', particularly in a sate with no income tax.

Second off, the tax paid on purchasing manufacturing equipment is still part of a business expense companies deduct from their earnings to reduce their profit, therefore also the amount of tax they might have to pay. Probably not the biggest factor in being able to make a profit, but something to be taken into consideration.

And here's a thought, if this is actually a good idea for Florida and Florida businesses, who is to say a Democratic governor would not enact the same thing?

(I guess I should ask the candidates).

For those who might argue a tax elimination for manufacturing equipment would help small businesses compete and prosper, you may be right.

But the way this appears to be written, it would also mean large businesses would not have to return to the state as much revenue, making the budgeting process always have to be a gnashing of the teeth to decide who gets funds this year and who does not, whose funds gets reduced or slashed, and whose do not.

I think, if Rick Scott really wants to help small businesses, the sales tax elimination should only apply to businesses below a certain profit cap. True small business owners deserve this kind of help, but massive companies with tons of profit need to pay their fair share into the state they exist in in order to allow them to do the very profitable business they do here.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters have decided to vote for this nancy lady because of her mostly true statements including being the one true democrat in this race.

The citizens do not want to hear any more of these anti-business statements from this marvin admittedly from another state. He has moved to this great and business friendly state from a rotten state that was ruined by its most horrible anti-business policies and the citizens have no interest in this state turning into a disaster that he came from so they have no interest in his ideas from another state. This scott has shown the ability to continue this state's business friendly environment which is what the citizens want.

The truth

Recently, a TV business news network released a study of America's top states to do business in. Florida ranked only 20th overall. Florida ranked 37th in cost of doing business in the state, 27th in infrastructure, 28th in quality of life, 35th in business friendliness, 38th in education and 31st in cost of living.

Scott better stop talking and get to work if he wants Florida to do better than 20th.

Eddie Bryan

I can't imagine Nan Rich beating Charlie Crist in the Democratic primary in Florida but if she does, and I will vote for her, I will vote for her again in November. However if Crist wins I will vote for him. I do admire Crist for hugging President Obama. It was a decent and friendly thing to do which is how I think business should be conducted in America. I appreciate his points on the radicalization of the GOP and I liked his endorsement for lifting the embargo on Cuba made recently at an event in Miami. I totally appreciate that he would expand Medicaid so that the poor are included in the Affordable Care Act as I am very poor. We must beat Scott in November. There is no question about that. Go DEMOCRATS!

Voice of reason

Bravo Eddie B!

Christopher M. Kennard

What great choices the Republicans and Democrats offer to Florida voters.

The Republican Party just got convicted of illegally interfering in Florida's elective process for formulating new voting district boundaries.

They have tried to steal these elections on November 4th by preventing voters from obtaining fair and open voting districts. Instead, their district boundaries favored Republican Party candidates and incumbents running for re-election.

This violates a Constitutional Amendment we passed in 2010 prohibiting this kind of illegal interference with our election processes. Republicans ignored the people of Florida and violated the clear intent of this law as they pressed on ahead in their quest to dominate all elective offices in the entire state.

Now the Democrats are clumsily following their example by attempting to stifle real and meaningful primary debates between candidates vying for the slot to run as the Democratic Party's choice for Governor. It is little wonder that people do not trust the Democrats or their "leading" candidates.

Specifically, Charlie Crist is listening to political handlers to not debate long term Democrat, Nan Rich. The Democratic Party is not requiring these debates to educate Democratic voters. Is there a political "fix" going on that will lead to a more serious scandal as time goes on?

An Independent Voter, I changed to Democrat to vote for Nan Rich and I will vote to "fire" every incumbent Republican running for re-election in Ocala, Florida.

Quite honestly, I increasingly find strong evidence that Nan Rich is a stronger candidate to run as the Democratic candidate than Charlie Crist on several points: personal history, party loyalty, progressive- to-moderate with a pragmatic political ideology and a clear, strong legislative track record upon which to run against Republican Rick Scott who consistently has high negative ratings.

I believe Nan Rich would win the election for Governor!

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