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Plaintiffs want expert to redraw congressional map before November election

Responding to a Tallahassee court judge's skepticism that he could craft a new congressional map in time for the November elections, the voters group is now asking the court to appoint a redistricting expert to do it.

The plaintiffs, a group of voters groups led by the League of Women Voters, successfully sued the state to throw out the congressional map. But Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis said at a hearing last week that he was unsure he could order a special election or revise the map.

In an amended response brief filed Tuesday, the plaintiffs now ask Lewis to appoint a special master and have both sides submit proposals so that the state does not conduct an election using an unconstitutional map. They have not indicated if they intend to appeal Lewis' ruling if he does not agree.

Click here to download the plaintiffs' latest brief.


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ed jenkins

As the citizens have made it known many times, they want an end to this nonsensical case filed by a few cartographers with too much time on their hands and a group that claims to represent one sex of voters which has done nothing wasted taxpayer confiscated money. The citizens have no interest in these mundane administrative government procedures that these people are obsessed with and suggest they take these issues up with their local congressman and the judge throw out this most horrible case.


if Lewis fails to appoint a Special Master or an 'expert (?) to revise these maps, the voters in Florida will again be forced to participate (if they vote) in an election that is based on unconstitutional districting. The Repubs who first conspired to deceive the voters accomplished this with no transparency. If these same illegal districts are used in the upcoming elections, one would surmise the results would then be adjudicated as invalid since the process itself is tainted. What then, Judge Lewis? Another election with revised maps? When would such elections occur and would all districts be participants or "only" the 2 which were identified as illegally drawn? What about the neighboring districts that will necessarily be affected? A conundrum indeed-and one the "leaders" in the Florida legislature intentionally created.
What a slew of slimy monsters the Republicans in the Legislature have unleashed on the citizens of the family-friendly State of Florida..They should feel completely comfortable with their pets,however; the monsters are clearly visible in their mirrors.

Bill Thompson

The citizens agree with the wise comments of palmettoexile.


Ed Jenkins... stupid much? Because that is the most insane, ignorant comment I've read in all my life. WE the People... want FAIR DISTRICTS! That is why the voters of Florida passed the amendment with overwhelming support... Period!


ed jenkins, you cannot possibly be as ignorant as your posts indicate; those 'cartographers' who illegally re-drew the districting maps willfully and "...with intent did conspire to deceive the voters of this State..". that is only PART of the stinging condemnation which Judge Lewis handed to the rogue legislators in Tallahassee. So far, the guilty parties have yet to issue either an apology for their illegal acts or an admission of their complicity in such. Their modus operandi seems to be to say nothing-other than Gaetz' offer to revise the maps at some future point in time. What these people-legislators , not a "few cartographers"- did was ignore both the intent and the law in the voter-passed Fair Districting Amendment. You know?-all those "citizens" for whom you apparently are able to divine intentions and concerns in ALL matters.. Sure wish I knew your secret for THAT !
As an aside-the 'group' you constantly reference who 'claims to represent one sex of voters' is neither small nor ineffective. The League of Women Voters has considerable clout in the political process;the ACLU also claims far more members than you seem to think-they, too, have the political clout to exert a great deal of influence. Finally, I will remind you of the difference between "sex" and "gender"-the terms are NOT interchangeable. Perhaps you can remember that,if nothing else).

Keith Stegath

Let's be kind to Ed. Research shows that abused children who survive being repeatedly dropped on their head often exhibit bazaar, irrational behavior.
If Reagan hadn't cut funding for mental illness, these abused children would be better adjusted and productive adults who wouldn't be handicapped with debilitating and unhealthy behavior.


Interesting how hard the Democratic party wants to disenfranchise black voters and "bleach" the black caucus to get a few white Democrats are elected. You really think we do not notice?

Disgraceful behavior.

Steve Cody

One of the problems facing Judge Terry is that Article 1, Section 4 of the US Constitution provides: "The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators." The Time, Place, and Manner clause has been interpreted by the Courts as delegating the responsibility to state legislatures. Legislatures in some states have delegated the responsibility for redistricting to independent commissions, but this has not been reviewed by the US Supreme Court. However, it may be too far of a constitutional stretch to delegate that authority to a state court judge or his designee.

Ven Sequenzia

So the Republican leadership conspired with consultants to fix the boundaries and we are supposed to sit hear and accept that it is okay to vote in the next election with illegal districts? Ed Jenkins is definitely in need of a reality check. Only in Florida can you screw the public, make them I pay for it and then blame someone else for your actions. Then turn around have the audacity to say we cannot delay the election, we don't have time to change the districts before the November 2014 election. Somebody should be going to jail or at the very least be fired and sent a bill for this unethical and criminal behavior.

ed jenkins

Some readers unfortunately have too much time on their hands that they are like these cartographers and group that claims to represent one sex of voters. Productive members of society do not obsess over mundane administrative government procedures such as this and they simply cast their votes on election day and see who the winner is.

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