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Q-Poll: Crist over Scott 39-37%; Libertarian Wyllie has big 9% impact


From a Quinnipiac University press release:

Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott trails former Gov. Charlie Crist, running as a Democrat, by a narrow 45 – 40 percent margin in a two-way race. When Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie is added to the mix, the race is too close to call, with 39 percent for Crist, 37 percent for Scott and 9 percent for Wyllie, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 48 – 38 percent Crist lead in a head-to-head matchup without Wyllie in an April 30 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

Today, Scott leads former State Sen. Nan Rich 41 – 34 percent in a two-way race.

Wyllie gets his strongest support from independent voters who back Crist over Scott 45 – 38 percent in a two-way matchup, but split with 36 percent for Crist and 34 percent for Scott, with 12 percent for Wyllie, in the three-way race.

Republicans back Scott 79 – 12 percent in the two-way, and 74 – 9 percent, with 5 percent for Wyllie, in the three-way. Democrats go from 78 – 10 percent for Crist in the two-way to 73 – 9 percent, with 6 percent for Wyllie.

Florida voters give Scott a negative 43 – 48 percent approval rating, one of his best scores in almost four years in office, and a negative 40 – 45 percent favorability rating.

Crist gets a split rating, 40 percent favorable and 42 percent unfavorable.

For Wyllie, 92 percent don’t know enough about him to form an opinion.

“The campaign to be Florida’s next governor tightens slightly and takes on a new dimension with a third candidate in the running,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“Libertarian Adrian Wyllie is not, at this point, a serious contender to win the governorship. But he may have a great deal to say about who does win.”

“Virtually no one knows much about Wyllie, but there are a lot of Floridians who aren’t keen on either of the major party candidates, Gov. Rick Scott or former Gov. Charlie Christ,” Brown added.

Gov. Scott does not deserve to be reelected, Florida voters say 51 – 40 percent.

Both candidates get low grades for character:

More here


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3 months to go till Election Day

Can Adrian Wyllie become the Jesse Ventura of Florida in 2014?

3 months is a lot of time for Wyllie to increase his vote totals.

I wonder if they will allow him in the debates now?

Phyllis Compton

This poll is laughable. No one has a clue who Wyllie is. To suggest that he is pulling in 9% of those polled is questionable.

ed jenkins

Again with this nonsense by this most horrible caputo who has shown an inability to find news stories for the readers so he lazily reprints opinion surveys which the readers have on many occasions made it know they do not consider news. Please remove this most horrible article writer from this once great hometown paper since no news will be lost.

Voice of reason

This ed jenkins person is highly critical of the hometown paper but he is on this site 24/7 consistently reading & posting. Sounds like like mr.ed is one big hypocrite or he would go away for good!

Keith Stegath

I too am a candidate for governor. Until the media realizes that they can help fix the mess we're in, we'll only hear from the corporate candidates.

Reporters should be able to give bits, bytes, and ink to other candidates by doing their job ... research the candidate and report what they find.



The sad-and frightening aspect of both Nan Rich's and Wylie's introduction into the race for Governor is the spoiler effect. While many Dems and Independents obviously and with reason distrust Crist, and violently dislike Scott, if the voters of this State truly wish to unseat Rick Scott and at least PART of his corrupt Republican administration, they will hold their noses and cast a vote for Crist. Regardless of polling, this race boils down to 2 viable candidates-Scott or Crist. We/ve seen this type of spoilers in national and State elections in the past; no doubt, we will see more in the future. However, given the huge amounts of campaign $$ being thrown into this race by the National Repubs, Crist' (and the people of Florida)only chance at new leadership lies with voters NOT wasting their votes on candidates who cannot win-by any stretch of the imagination. Not very fair to the third parties, but certainly practical If those who wish to vote for Wtlie or Rich change their votes in this election, they will realize a better chance to be able to influence the outcomes in their LOCAL elections-which more directly impact them in every facet of daily life much more than Statewide or national elections. I am not enamored of Crist; but he's a hell of a lot better for the majority of the people in the State of Florida than Rick Scott! As any who have read any of my comments are aware, I am NOT a Scott fan. This man bought the office after having being intimately involved with one of the largest Medicaid scandals of that time; as all know, Scott used his Constitutional right to plead the 5th in order not to incriminate himself. The fines against his health care conglomerate was the largest ever levied at the time. Prior to Scott's purchase of the Governor's office, he claimed no political experience-merely business. whereas such is helpful, a State with millions of people with widely different views on everything simply cannot be run as a business-which Scott has indeed done. The results of his actions have further disenfranchised much of the middle class and pushed those who WERE barely keeping their heads above water completely under the backwash from the corporate tsunami that rolled and continues to do so-over every citizen in this State. Only those at the top of Scott's perceived food chain-mostly out-of-State-have prospered under his reign-I refuse to call what Scott has done "leadership".
I urge folks to think carefully BEFORE they vote-and rather than automatically checking any candidate with an "R" in front of his/her name on the ballot, take the time to research what that candidates have actually done-and proposed-rather than believe all the pro versus con articles available on ALL media. Read everything-not only that with which you may agree, but also all that with which you disagree. Educate yourself prior to voting for an entire platform defined by policy makers in Washington; these, as are the candidates in the Florida races,are more influenced by lobbyists from big corporations whose goals are nowhere near those of most average Americans OR Floridians. Whatever you may decide-VOTE.

Voice of reason

palmetto; Nan Rich is not a spoiler in the race.

Once the primary is over the Democrats will be united.


palmetto's right. All any Floridian who has lived here at least 7 years and remembers the vote of 2006 for Gov. Crist (I didn't vote for him then) is ask themself four questions:

What did Crist do as governor that I disliked? What did Crist do as governor that I liked? What has Scott done as governor that I disliked? What has Scott done as governor that I have liked?

Then take a look at your lists. My list of Scott dislikes is as long as my arm, while all three of the other lists are very short.

There does not have to be any nose-holding for me when I vote.

Oh, and BTW for those of you who put Florida's job growth in the plus column for Scott? He cannot take credit for most of that growth, just as you can't put the lion's share of the job losses in Crist's minus column. That was largely federal-level economic recession/recovery stuff going on, not any result of either governor's specific actions as governor.

We would have had almost exactly the same job growth if we had elected Alex Sink in 2010 (maybe even more growth).

And if you say I'm wrong about that, please, I keep asking: Name a specific thing Scott has done and show me exactly what job growth was tied to it. Likewise for Crist: What exactly did he do as governor that caused all that job loss?

Keith Stegath

Do you really think that our broken systems will be addressed by checking a R or D?

The corporate-candidates are not interested in fixing our broken political system - it would put them out of a job.

Our nation will continue to decline until We the People decide that we are not impotent.

I've had enough of this nonsense. I may not have a chance in hell, but I have to do more than simply pick my nose, write letters, and voice my opinion on blogs. That's why I'm a candidate for Governor.

Our nation is sinking and most of you reading these blogs, and voicing your disgust with the system, will perpetuate the problem by impotently voting for Crist or Scott.

Wake up. www.fla-gov.org

Rick Adams

Adrian Wyllie all the way baby! WyllieForGovernor.com


Folks, it all comes down to recognition. We need to spread the word about Adrian Wyllie in order for him to win. I am very much behind the “super brochure” plan, so much so, that I personally have completely covered my entire precinct where I live. I think it’s the most affective and economical way to bring the super voters, attention to Adrian Wyllie. Most don’t even know there is another choice other than scott/christ. It only cost me $47.50 to cover my precinct. I urge others to do the same. If you want him elected, you must do something to make it happen. Just your one vote will not do it. Take advantage of this great opportunity we have to get a Libertarian in the Governor’s office. We (Floridians) desperately need this. I beg you to do what you can.

Kenny O.

I am absolutely sickened and weary of hearing others tell me to "vote for the lesser of two evils". NO, YOU DO NOT! You vote with informed conscience. You vote maintaining a stance of true principle, with the purpose of moral and ethical elevation. You vote in line with what is America in the sense that it was designed to exist. America was supposed to set the standard for all others to witness and possibly even emulate in some similar form or another. There has been no better civilization than that in our country's youth. A diamond in the rough, it was.... Voting for the lesser of two evils is exactly what has caused our steady decline through these more modern days of criminal politics. That said, it should be obvious that Adrian Wyllie is the best choice in this battle for governor.

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