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Rich's mailer uses Herald editorial that blasted Crist

A political committee formed by Democratic candidate for governor Nan Rich has dropped its first mail piece, blasting Charlie Crist for his refusal to debate her.

The mailing was financed by a political committee supported by unions, trial lawyers and Tallahassee lobbyists, who donated long before Crist entered the race.

Rich's statewide mailer is a reprint of a June 23 editorial in The Miami Herald and highlights key passages in yellow: "So what is Mr. Crist afraid of? Or is it arrogance? His refusal to debate the former legislator is unseemly and exclusionary. Of course, it's politics at its worst."

The heavy cardboard stock and typeface resemble earlier pro-Rich mail pieces financed by the mystery group, Progressive Choice Florida, that refuses to disclose details on donors. There's no mystery about Rich's piece, but there's an interesting history here, because her committee is funded in part by three statewide unions that now support Crist: the Florida AFL-CIO, Florida Police Benevolent Association and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Rich created Citizens for a Progressive Florida, a committee of continuous existence, in 2011, and the committee did most of its fundraising in 2012 when she was Senate Democratic leader. Last year the CCE's cash balance of $78,000 was shifted to a political committee with the same name (as listed on the disclaimer on the anti-Crist mailer): Citizens for a Progressive Florida PC, with a post office box from Rich's hometown of Weston (her husband, David, is listed as treasurer and registered agent of the PC).

Donors to the Rich committee included the Akermann Senterfitt law firm, $20,000; Southern Wine and Spirits, $20,000; AFSCME, $10,000; and Florida Justice PAC (trial lawyers), $5,000. South Florida gaming interests contributed another $10,000 and Tallahassee lobbyists Ron Book, Bob Levy, Bernie Friedman and Gary Farmer also wrote checks to the Rich committee.



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Can't take anymore

Every time the press reports another Nan Rich attack on Charlie Crist you can be sure Rick Scott does a happy dance and cackles in glee. He knows if he gets to face her in the general election he can quit campaigning now and still win by 20 percentage points.

Highly paid Republican operative

You are missing the point and bigger picture.

Nan Rich in the race is helpful to CC as it will give him positive press when he wins the primary. Some positive momentum as a winner and the party's nominee.

Without the primary fight his victory would be an after thought without a good news cycle about Democratic unity.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are pleased that this hometown paper agrees with them that this scumbag crist is an arrogant coward. If only party leaders would now realize this and remove their preferred status from him democrat primary voters including this one would be pleased and no longer disgruntled.

Highly paid Republican operative

This hometown is not agreeing with anything ed. They are simply reporting the unvarnished story.

ed jenkins

As we have seen, some who comment under false titles (where they most despicably try to create the false impression of working for one political party but actually work for another which democrat primary voters do not like because it makes their party look bad) fail to read articles in this hometown paper where editors describe the most horrible actions of the scumbag crist:

"So what is Mr. Crist afraid of? Or is it arrogance? His refusal to debate the former legislator is unseemly and exclusionary. Of course, it's politics at its worst."

Bill Thompson

Crist on his worst day is better than the scumbag Scott on his best day. All the hundreds of millions of dollars from out of state carpetbagger billionaires can't save this horrible man Scott's failing campaign. GOP party leaders should remove the preferred status from the scumbag Scott and replace him with someone that can win, otherwise the whole GOP ticket will suffer in November.


Has anyone got a reason to vote for Rick Scott again other than "the economy is better"?

If that's all you folks have got, I hope you know that it has been demonstrably shown that the FL economic gains seen in the last four years would likely have occurred no matter who was governor.

I'm not saying Scott did not 'create at single job', I'm just saying most of the economic improvement would still have happened if we'd elected Alex Sink.

Point is, no one has yet connected the dots and shown what exactly Rick Scott did which resulted in the job growth. He spouts numbers, and I'm not disputing the numbers, I'm just asking him to explain how what he did, what he enacted, caused that job growth.

Considering how he 'answers' questions to the media, I am not expecting an answer from him on that anytime soon. He just keeps repeating talking points and statistics. He never, ever, connects those statistics to anything he actually did as governor. And I think that's because he can't.

I'd vote for Ed Jenkins' cat for governor before I'd vote for Rick Scott.

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